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Medtronic Posts FY3Q16 Spine Revenue
Medtronic posted FY3Q16 spinal revenue of US $704MM, -2% CC vs. FY3Q15. (U.S. $506MM, -3%; ex-U.S. ~$198MM, -9%
Company Revenue 2015: Medtronic
Calendar year 2015: $2,931.0MM, -2.8% as reported FY3Q16 (period ended 1/29/16): $704MM, -2% CC (U.S. $506MM, -3%; ex-U.S. ~$198MM, -9% as-reported) ORTHOWORLD estimates 2015 segment revenue and as-reported growth as follows.
Medtronic Reports FY2Q16 Revenue
Medtronic posted FY2Q16 (ended 10/30/15) spinal revenue of
Greatbatch Announces 3Q15 Revenue, Comments on Acquisition
Greatbatch posted 3Q15 orthopaedic revenue of US $27.5MM, -15% from 3Q14 (-7% in organic constant currency). 
BARE BONES® - September 3, 2015
Medtronic posted FY1Q16 (ended 7/31/15) spinal revenue of US $763MM, +7% from FY1Q15. (Core Spine WW flat, U.S. declined in mid-single digits; Interventional Spine WW declined in mid-single digits, U.S. declined high-single di...
BARE BONES® - June 2, 2015
Medtronic posted 4QFY15 and fiscal year 2015 (ended 4/24/15) spinal revenue of US $743MM, -2% and $2,971MM, -1% year over year, respectively. Growth reflects constant currency. (
BARE BONES® - May 19, 2015
For FY4Q15 (ended 4/24/15), Medtronic reported preliminary spine revenue of US $743MM, -2% vs. 4Q14. (Medtronic plc...
BARE BONES® - February 17, 2015
Medtronic reported 3Q15 (ended 1/23/15) spinal revenue of US $740MM, +2% vs. 3Q14. (U.S. $522MM, +1%, ex-U.S. $218MM, +4%; Core Spine $543MM, +1%; Interventional Spine...
2014 Revenue: Medtronic
(for the period ended 1/23/15) $740MM, +2% (U.S. $522MM, +1%, ex-U.S. $218MM, +4%) Core Spine $543MM, +1% (U.S. $359MM, -1%; ex-U.S. $184MM, +5%) Interventional Spine (primarily balloon kyphoplasty) $75MM, flat (U.S. $56MM, +2%, ex-U.S. $19MM, -5%)...
BARE BONES® - November 18, 2014
For FY2Q15 (ended 10/24/14), Medtronic reported spinal revenue of US $746MM, +1% from 2Q14. (U.S. $517MM, flat; ex-U.S. $229MM, +3%) (Core Spine $551MM, flat; Interventional S...
3Q14 Revenue: Medtronic
(for period ended 10/24/14) $746MM, +1% (U.S. $517MM, flat; ex-U.S. $229MM, +3%) Core Spine $551MM, flat Interventional Spine $75MM, -5% BMP $120MM, +9%   In the process of launching Prestige L...
3Q14 Revenue: Bacterin
$8.4MM, +7% OsteoSponge bone void filler represents ~60% of trailing revenue, OsteoSelect DBM putty ~17% In early 4Q, launched 3Demin (demineralized) line for procedures requiring larger volume of bone graft; Boat and Strip configurations targeted for complex...
BARE BONES® - August 19, 2014
Medtronic posted FY1Q15 (ended 7/25/2014) spinal revenue of US $743MM, -3% from 1Q14. (Core Spinal $552MM, -2%, BMP $110MM, -11%) (
2Q14 Revenue: Bacterin
$8.9MM, +8% Estimates 2014 U.S. knee and ankle microfracture procedures of ~410,000; shows promise for distribution channel Claims 6.5% U.S. market share in DBM behind Medtronic, DePuy and Integra ~2/3 of revenue arises from spinal fusion ...
2Q14 Revenue: Symmetry Medical
$101.3MM, +2.3% Instruments $29.8MM, +6% Implants $29.4MM, +5% Cases $17.3MM, +1% Other $4.4MM, +29% Surgical $20.4MM, -9%   Announced proposed sale of OEM Solutions business...
BARE BONES® - May 20, 2014
Medtronic posted fiscal year 2014 (ended 4/25/14) spinal revenue of US $3,041MM, -2% from 2013. (Core Spine $2,570MM, flat; BMP $471MM, -11%) (Growth reflects constant currency.) (
1Q14 Revenue: Medtronic
(fiscal year 2014 ended 4/25/14) $3,041MM, -2% (U.S. $2,103MM, -4%; ex-U.S. $938MM, +4%) Core Spine $2,570MM, flat (U.S. $1,694MM, -2%; ex-U.S. $876MM, +4%) BMP $471MM, -11% (U.S. $409MM, -13%; ex-U.S. $62MM, +5%)  
4Q13/2013 Revenue: Bacterin
4Q13 tissue revenue: $8.3MM, +2% 2013 tissue revenue: $33.1MM, flat Business model going forward: direct sales to orthopaedics and neurosurgery via hybrid model; exploring private label relationships Increased productivity: 25 sal...
BARE BONES® - February 18, 2014
Medtronic reported 3Q14 (ended 1/24/14) spinal revenue of US $744MM, flat vs. 3Q13. (Core Spinal $631MM, flat; Biologics $113MM, -1%) (
BARE BONES® - November 19, 2013
For FY2Q14 (ended 10/25/13), Medtronic reported spinal revenue of US $746MM, -3% from 2Q13. (U.S. $517MM, -6%; ex-U.S. $229MM, +2%) (Core Spinal $636MM, -1%; BMP $110M...
3Q13 Revenue: Medtronic
(for FY2Q14 ended 10/25/13) $746MM, -3% (U.S. $517MM, -6%; ex-U.S. $229MM, +2%) Core Spinal $636MM, -1% (U.S. $421MM, -2%; ex-U.S. $215MM, +2%) BMP $110MM, -17% (U.S. $96MM, -19%; ex-U.S. $14MM, flat)   ...
3Q13 Revenue: RTI Surgical
Orthopaedic-related tissue distribution revenue $41.5MM, +39% (Pioneer Surgical/PST $16.1MM) Spine $17.6MM, +73% (Legacy RTI spine +5%) Bone Graft Substitutes/General Orthopaedic (BGS/GO) $7.6MM, -3% Sports Medicine $9.5MM, -19% ...
BARE BONES® - October 16, 2013
RTI Surgical (RTIX) reported preliminary 3Q13 revenue of ~US $54.7MM, compared to prior guidance of $59MM to $61MM. Further, RTIX entered into a new agreement with Medtronic Sofamor Danek to process al...
Web Exclusive: Highlights from THE SPINE MARKET report
In 2012, revenues generated by global sales of spinal implants and instrumentation reached an estimated $7.35 billion. Though historic double-digit growth in the segment flattened in 2010, looking ahead, conservative increases should occur based upon a shift in focus to more cervical discs, la...
BARE BONES® - August 20, 2013
Medtronic posted FY1Q14 (ended 7/26/13) spinal revenue of US $765MM, -1% from 1Q13. (Core Spinal $641MM, +1%, BMP $124MM, -11%) Growth reflects constant currency. (
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