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Study Results from Inspired Spine's MIS Direct Thoracic Interbody Fusion Procedure
Study results indicate that the minimally invasive direct thoracic interbody fusion or MIS-DTIF approach, offere...
Life Spine Completes Initial Cases with SENTRY Lateral Plate
Life Spine announced successful completion of initial cases
Medtronic Posts FY1Q17 Revenue
ORTHOWORLD estimates Medtronic's FY1Q17 revenue at US $721.0MM, -5.4% vs. FY1Q16. Quarter ended 7/29/16; growth is as-reported.
NASS Preview: Growing Spine - International Markets, MIS and Product Portfolios
Eric Muehlbauer, Executive Director and CEO of NASS, sits in an interesting position in
Medtronic Completes $20MM Second Tranche Investment in Mazor Robotics
Medtronic completed the second tranche of equity investment in Mazor Robotics, as laid out in a...
Mazor Robotics Reports 2Q16 Revenue
Mazor Robotics reported 2Q16 revenue of US $8.3MM, +6.4% from 2Q15. (U.S. $6.7MM, +3.1%; ex-U.S. $1.6MM, +23.1%
Zimmer Biomet Reports 2Q16 Revenue
ORTHOWORLD estimates Zimmer Biomet 2Q16 orthopaedic revenue of US $1,770.5MM, +3.1% from 2Q15, as reported.
NuVasive Reports 2Q16 Revenue
NuVasive reported 2Q16 revenue of US $236.2MM, +16.4% from 2Q15. (U.S. $200.5MM, +12.7%; ex-U.S. $35.6MM, +43.6%)...
Medtronic Kanghui Launches VariLoc Locking Compression Plate in Select Countries
Medtronic Kanghui commenced launch of the VariLoc Locking Compression Plate and instrument sets in China...
Medtronic, Zimmer Biomet Enter 2-level Disc and Robotic Markets
Since mid-May, both Medtronic and Zimmer Biomet have announced strategic moves in the 2-level cervical disc replacement and robotic surgery markets. In efforts to invigorate revenue growth, the two have focused on niche technologies that expand their portfolios—but have yet to prove wide s...
Wright’s Dedication to Extremities Strategies Brings Questions of What’s Next
By Carolyn LaWell Wright Medical’s divestiture of its large joint portfolio to Corin Orthopaedics officially turns Wright into the extremities company that it set out to become years ago, and leads to the question: What’s next in their M&A strategy?
Medtronic Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Cement-Augmented Pedicle Screws
Medtronic received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the CD Horizon® Fenestrated Screw Set, indi...
Medtronic Received FDA Approval for 2-Level Prestige LP Cervical Disc
Medtronic affirmed FDA Premarket Approval of the Prestige LP™ Cervical Disc to treat disc disease...
Zimmer Biomet to Acquire Medtech Surgical Robotics Company
Zimmer Biomet announced its plans to acquire Medtech, provider of surgical systems including the 
Medtronic Launches Products in Minimally Invasive OLIF Platform
Medtronic launched the Pivox™ Oblique Lateral Spinal System with Lateral Plate for ...
Zimmer Biomet Completes Acquisition of LDR
Zimmer Biomet completed its acquisition of LDR in a transaction valued at ~US $1.0BB.
Mazor Robotics Debuts Mazor X Guidance Platform for Spine Surgery
Mazor Robotics unveiled the Mazor X guidance platform for spine surgery, and announced Medtronic
Medtronic Prestige LP Cervical Disc Receives 2-Level FDA Approval
Medtronic's Prestige LP cervical disc received FDA Premarket Approval for 2-level cervical disc replace...
NuVasive Settles Patent Litigation With Medtronic
NuVasive has agreed to settle its ongoing patent litigation with Medtronic and some of its
1H16 Funding Recap: Spine Remains Dominant Market for Investments
ORTHOWORLD reported 18 funding announcements in 1H16, compared to 23 in 1H15. Similar to recent years, the spine market was the largest target for funding. Half of the announcements in 1H16 were made by companies seeking to commercialize products for spinal indications, while three more have prod...
1H16 M&A Recap: Big Players Make Moves
During 1H16, seven of the eight largest orthopaedic device companies confirmed or completed acquisitions or divestitures spanning nearly every orthopaedic market segment. Most notably, Stryker and Zimmer Biomet both announced three orthopaedic-related acquisitions, with Zimmer Biom...
Medtronic's Analyst Day Highlights Spine, Joint Recon Strategies
By Julie Vetalice In its Analyst Day presentations on June 6, Medtronic (MDT) announced the acquisition of Responsive Orthopedics, a star...
Medtronic Acquires Responsive Orthopedics
Medtronic acquired Responsive Orthopedics, a start-up focused on sales of low-cost hip and knee replacements. A primary knee
Zimmer Biomet Acquiring LDR
Zimmer Biomet entered into a definitive agreement to acquire LDR for US $37/share in cash, for a transaction valued at ~$...
Medtronic Reports FY4Q16 Revenue
Medtronic posted FY4Q16 spinal revenue of US $737.0MM, -0.8% vs. FY4Q15. (U.S. $520.0MM, +0.8%; ex-U.S. $217.0MM, -4.4%...
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