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Globus Medical Introduces the CREO MIS Pedicle Screw
Globus Medical introduced CREO MIS™, a low-profile thoracolumbar posterior stabilization system. 
Medicrea Reports 3Q15 Revenue +12%
Medicrea posted 3Q15 revenue of €7.1MM (~US $8MM), +12% from 3Q14. 
BARE BONES® - July 9, 2015
Medicrea posted 1H15 sales of €13.8MM (~US $15.2MM), +16% vs. 1H14. (Medicrea, 7/9/15)
BARE BONES® - July 1, 2015
Medicrea raised €3.5MM (~US $3.9MM) via a private placement. Funds will support U.S. market penetration, establishment of a marketing subsidiary in Germany, etc. The U.S. accounts for ~60%
BARE BONES® - May 1, 2015
Medicrea commenced U.S. launch of LigaPASS® 2.0, next-gen band connector technology for posterior thoracolumbar fixation. The system is now cleared for use in adolescent idiopathic
BARE BONES® - January 16, 2015
Medicrea posted 2014 revenue of €24.2MM (~US $28.49MM), +6% from 2013. (Medicrea International SA, 1/1...
2014 Revenue: Medicrea
€24.2MM (~US $28.49MM), +6% In 1H14, sales growth in American and French markets offset by temporary import issues in Brazil In 2H14, growth supported by U.S. development and effects of new international sales teams U.S. (the group's prior...
2014: A Recap of Strategic Activities
To begin 2015, let’s look back at what fueled growth in 2014. Here, we present companies that ha...
2014: A Recap of Strategic Activities in Spine
Editor’s Note: This segment-specific article is excerpted from the full version, covering major market segments, appearing in ORTHOKNOW January 2015. To begin...
NASS Recap: Product Updates and Highlights
Despite continual challenges regarding regulatory clearance, reimbursement and market penetration, sentiment from manufacturers at the North American Spine Society (NASS) meeting in San Francisco indicated that the spine market is stabilizing and presenting greater opportunities than in recent...
BARE BONES® - November 10, 2014
Medicrea received FDA 510(k) clearance to market UNiD™, reportedly the 1st patient-specific spinal osteosynthesis rod. UNiD's software tool supports pre-op lanning and production of custom rods, and the ...
BARE BONES® - September 30, 2014
NEMARIS received FDA 510(k) clearance for next-generation SURGIMAP 2.0 software, used to preoperatively plan spine surgery. Version 2.0 offers tools based upon algorithms and the most recent scientific...
BARE BONES® - August 1, 2014
Medicrea received FDA clearance to market the K-JAWS® Cervical Compression Staple for all cervical fixation indications that use interbody cages. (
BARE BONES® - July 11, 2014
Medicrea posted 1H14 sales of €11.9MM (~US $16.2MM), flat vs. 1H13. (U.S. ~$9MM, +13%; ex-U.S. ~$7.1MM, -13%) (
2Q14 Revenue: Medicrea
 (1H14 sales) €11.9MM (~US $16MM), flat U.S. ~$9MM, +13% France ~$2.6MM, +36% Europe ~$2.8MM, -2% South America ~$1.0MM, -53% Asia ~$0.5MM, -35%   Growth in ...
BARE BONES® - June 9, 2014
MEDICREA announced completion of the world's 1st spinal fusion using UNiD ALIF customized PEEK cages created with a 3-D printer. (
BARE BONES® - April 14, 2014
Medicrea commenced European launch of UNiD, a patient-specific spinal osteosynthesis rod system that is designed to eliminate the need for surgeons to manually bend rods in the OR during surge...
BARE BONES® - April 11, 2014
Medicrea posted 1Q14 sales of €5.4MM (~US $7.5MM), flat compared to 1Q13. (France +40%, U.S. subsidiary +18%) (
1Q14 Revenue: Medicrea
€5.4MM (~US $7.5MM), flat (France +40%, U.S. subsidiary +18%) Growth affected by import difficulties with distribution in Brazil (since resolved)  
BARE BONES® - January 16, 2014
Medicrea posted 4Q13 sales of €5.8MM (~US $7.9MM), +18% from 4Q12, and 2013 sales of €22.9MM (~$31.2MM), +11% from 2012. (Full-year U.S. +25% vs. 20...
4Q13/2013 Revenue: Medicrea
4Q13 revenue: €5.8MM (~US $7.9MM), +18% (U.S. $4.5MM) Resubmitted to FDA the approval file for K-JAWS cervical compression staple   2013 revenue: €22.9MM (~$31.2MM), +11% (U.S. +25%) For 2014, co...
BARE BONES® - October 23, 2013
MEDICREA posted 3Q13 sales of €5.2MM (~US $7.2MM), +4% from 3Q12. (The MEDICREA Group, 10/23/13)
3Q13 Revenue: Medicrea
€5.2MM (~US $7.2MM), +4% (U.S. +29%) >60% of sales attributed to U.S. market Accelerating U.S. growth via direct and indirect distribution networks
BARE BONES® - July 12, 2013
Medicrea posted 1H13 sales of €11.9MM (~US $15.5MM), +10% from 1H12, with U.S. sales +20%. (
2Q13 Revenue: Medicrea
(1H13 revenue) €11.9MM (~US $15.5MM), +10% (U.S. sales +20%) Launched distribution in 4 more countries in Asia since start of year Meeting with FDA by end of July regarding status of K-JAWS cervical compressive staple ...
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