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3Q13 Revenue: Globus Medical
$107.2MM, +13% (U.S. $98.1MM, +13%; ex-U.S. $9.1MM, +19%) Disruptive Technology $45MM, +21% Innovative Fusion $63MM, +8%   Pricing pressure remains in low to middle single digits Payor pushback seems to h...
BARE BONES® - October 15, 2013
Globus Medical (GMED) received an FDA Warning Letter, dated 9/27/13, citing deficiencies in response to observations relative to MicroFuse® putty, cl...
Web Exclusive: Highlights from THE SPINE MARKET report
In 2012, revenues generated by global sales of spinal implants and instrumentation reached an estimated $7.35 billion. Though historic double-digit growth in the segment flattened in 2010, looking ahead, conservative increases should occur based upon a shift in focus to more cervical discs, la...
BARE BONES® - October 3, 2013
Globus Medical announced launch of the CREO™ next generation pedicle screw platform. CREO pedicle screws are available in modular and pre-assembled versions with top-loading, side loading
BARE BONES® - August 1, 2013
Globus Medical reported 2Q13 sales of US $107MM, +12% from 2Q12. (U.S. +11%, ex-U.S. +20%) (
2Q13 Revenue: Globus Medical
$107MM, +12% (U.S. $98.1MM, +11%; ex-U.S. $8.9MM, +20%) Disruptive Technology $44MM, +27% Innovative Fusion $63MM, +3%   Payer pushback appears to have stabilized Pricing pressure remains in low- to mid-s...
BARE BONES® - June 21, 2013
Globus Medical commenced launch of the LATIS™ minimally invasive lumbar interbody fusion spacer for the treatment of degenerative disc disease. Inserted through an MIS transforaminal approach
BARE BONES® - June 17, 2013
A Federal jury awarded DePuy Synthes US $16MM in damages in a patent infringement trial vs. Globus Medical (GMED). The jury also determined the validity of DePuy Synthes' U.S. Patents No.
BARE BONES® - May 17, 2013
Globus Medical filed a suit against DePuy Synthes, alleging willful infringment of U.S. Patent No. 8,328,872 with the Zero-P VA intervertebral fusion implant. (
BARE BONES® - May 10, 2013
Globus Medical commenced launch of the FORTIFY® I expandable corpectomy spacer, featuring integrated screws for further stability in addition to supplemental fixation. The de...
BARE BONES® - May 2, 2013
Globus Medical reported 1Q13 sales of US $105MM, +10.9% from 1Q12. (U.S. +9.4%, ex-U.S. +30%) (
1Q13 Revenue: Globus Medical
$105MM, +11% (U.S. $96.3MM, +9%; ex-U.S. $8.7MM, +30%) Innovative Fusion $61.3MM, -0.3% Disruptive Technologies $43.7MM, +29% Algea Therapies $1MM   Have attracted several high-quality sales reps from lar...
BARE BONES® - February 27, 2013
Globus Medical posted 4Q12 sales of US $100.5MM, +14% from 4Q11, and 2012 sales of $386.0MM, +16% vs. 2011. (
4Q12 and 2012 Revenue: Globus Medical
$386.0MM, +16% (U.S. $355.6MM, +14%; ex-U.S. $30.4MM, +49%) Fusion $238.7MM, +6% Disruptive Technology $147.3MM, +38% 4Q12 revenue: $100.5MM, +14% (U.S. $91.9MM, +13%; ex-U.S. $8.6MM, +37%) Fusion $58.2MM, +3%
BARE BONES® - January 15, 2013
Globus Medical reported preliminary 4Q12 sales of US $100.5MM, +14% from 4Q11, and 2012 preliminary sales of $386.0MM, +16% from 2011. (
Funding and Start-up Activity in Orthopaedics and Spine: 2012
Start-ups and spin-outs identified during 2012 include:   Accel Spine Dallas, Texas  USA www.accelspine.com • Received 8 orthopaedic-related 51...
Notable Product Launches from 2012
  The following products represent select devices and technologies launched during 2012 across a span of segments.    ARTHROSCOPY/SOFT TISSUE   Covidien: AS Meniscal Repair Device, de...
3Q12 Earnings: Globus Medical
Globus Medical $94.8MM, +13% (U.S. $87.1MM, +11%; Ex-U.S. $7.6MM, +38%) Fusion $57.8MM, +4% Disruptive Technologies $36.9MM, +30%   Overall growth attributed to territory expansion U.S. and ex-U.S., greate...
BARE BONES® - November 1, 2012
Globus Medical posted 3Q12 sales of US $94.8MM, +13% from 3Q11. (Ex-U.S. +38%) (Globus Medical, Inc., 11/1/12)
BARE BONES® - September 28, 2012
Globus Medical received Premarket Approval for the SECURE®-C Cervical Artificial Disc. Clinical data from a 380-patient Investigational Device Exemption study demonstrate that the device is
Final 2Q12 Results
ORTHOWORLD’s estimates place 2Q12 market growth at 5% over 2Q11, as shown in Exhibit 1. Performance highlights follow and pertain to 2Q12, unless otherwise noted.  Exhibit 1 Ort...
BARE BONES® - August 22, 2012
Globus Medical reported 2Q12 sales of US $96.0MM, +19% from 2Q11. (Ex-U.S. +38%) (Globus Medical...
BARE BONES® - August 3, 2012
Globus Medical announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 8.3MM shares of Class A common stock at $12/share (~2MM offered by Globus and ~6.2MM by selling stockholders). Closing of the offering is ...
BARE BONES® - August 2, 2012
Globus Medical lowered the proposed size for its upcoming initial public offering. The company now plans to raise US $104MM by offering 8.3MM shares at a range of $12-$13/share, down from
BARE BONES® - July 18, 2012
Globus Medical plans to raise ~US $200MM in its initial public offering, selling 11.76MM shares at $16-$18 each. (
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