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BARE BONES® - October 15, 1998
INTEGRA LIFESCIENCES entered into collaborative agreements with both ConMed’s LINVATEC subsidiary and BIONX IMPLANTS. Bionx and Linvatec will each have exclusive rights to purchase Integra’s resorbable polymer for use in specifically-permitted applications of their products. Products cover...
BARE BONES® - August 15, 1998
CONMED created a salesforce for Linvatec’s small bone and specialty products lines and established an international sales/distribution network for the Linvatec international business. (ConMed Corporation news release, 7/23/98)
BARE BONES®, AAOS Edition - February 28, 1998
CONMED: argon beam coagulation technology focuses radiofrequency energy into a directional, non-contact, room-temperature beam of argon gas which allows for more rapid coagulation, reduced possibility of rebleeding, reduced OR time, less tissue damage.
ORTHOKNOW® - January 15, 1998
SULZER RAISES THE BAR; CONMED ENTERS. By John A. Engelhardt. Consolidation frenzy continues according to our predictions in past issues of OrthoKnow. The latest two high-level acquisitions indicate trends you’ll likely see more of—“strangers” entering the market and way high va...
BARE BONES® - December 15, 1997
CONMED and Bristol-Myers Squibb signed a stock and asset purchase agreement through which Conmed will pay $370MM in cash to acquire LINVATEC and certain assets relating to Linvatec’s international business and Hall Surgical business. Conmed markets and manufactures electrosurgical systems and i...
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