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BARE BONES® - August 15, 1998
CONMED created a salesforce for Linvatec’s small bone and specialty products lines and established an international sales/distribution network for the Linvatec international business. (ConMed Corporation news release, 7/23/98)
BARE BONES®, AAOS Edition - February 28, 1998
CONMED: argon beam coagulation technology focuses radiofrequency energy into a directional, non-contact, room-temperature beam of argon gas which allows for more rapid coagulation, reduced possibility of rebleeding, reduced OR time, less tissue damage.
ORTHOKNOW® - January 15, 1998
SULZER RAISES THE BAR; CONMED ENTERS. By John A. Engelhardt. Consolidation frenzy continues according to our predictions in past issues of OrthoKnow. The latest two high-level acquisitions indicate trends you’ll likely see more of—“strangers” entering the market and way high va...
BARE BONES® - December 15, 1997
CONMED and Bristol-Myers Squibb signed a stock and asset purchase agreement through which Conmed will pay $370MM in cash to acquire LINVATEC and certain assets relating to Linvatec’s international business and Hall Surgical business. Conmed markets and manufactures electrosurgical systems and i...
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