Product Launch

Nexus Spine Launches Novel Spinal Implants

Nexus Spine Launches Novel Spinal Implants
The novel compliant-mechanism based systems include PressON patient-specific fixation and the flexible titanium Tranquil device for interbody fusion.

Orthofix Launches FITBONE Limb Lengthening

Orthofix Launches FITBONE Limb Lengthening
The company commenced full U.S. and European launch of the FITBONE intramedullary lengthening system for limb lengthening and deformity correction.

SeaSpine Launches the Regatta Lateral Plate

SeaSpine Launches the Regatta Lateral Plate
This Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion fixation system is the first standalone lateral plate for SeaSpine, and allows for multiple plating options.

NGMedical Launches BEE HA Cervical Cage

NGMedical Launches BEE HA Cervical Cage
BEE HA is an anatomically shaped cervical interbody made of PEEK-OPTIMA™ Hydroxyapatite Enhanced material developed by Invibio.

Stryker Launches AxSOS 3 Ankle Fusion System

Stryker Launches AxSOS 3 Ankle Fusion System
The ankle fusion titanium plate system is intended for the fusion of the tibio-talar joint, with streamlined instrumentation and updated screw offerings.

TriMed Launches ASET Foot Plating

TriMed Launches ASET Foot Plating
TriMed expanded its fixation portfolio with the new ASET™ Foot Plating System to treat common forefoot and mid-foot indications.

MedShape Shares DynaNail Mini Early Results

MedShape's DynaNail Mini® is now in full market release for subtalar fusion, and has been implanted by over 50 orthopedic surgeons in over 50 U.S. hospitals.

SpineCraft Launches ASTRA OCT Spine System

SpineCraft completed the ASTRA product platform with launch of its Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic system for use in posterior cervical fusion.

DePuy Synthes Launches SYMPHONY OCT System

DePuy Synthes launched the SYMPHONY Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic System, expanding its offering for the treatment of conditions in the neck and upper spine.

icotec Launching VADERone Pedicle Screw

icotec Medical is launching the VADER®one pedicle screw system, cleared for restoration of the spinal column in advanced stage tumor patients.

CoreLink Introduces Oro Lateral Plate

CoreLink is launching the Oro Lateral Plate to treat degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma and spinal deformities in the lumbar spine.

Fuse Medical Launches Suture Anchor Product Line

Fuse Medical grew their sports medicine offerings with Galen Medial and Galen XT Suture Anchors, the Kopis Knotless Anchor and Vida Interference Screws.

NuVasive Launches Modulus TLIF-A

NuVasive commenced commercial U.S. launch of the Modulus® TLIF-A porous titanium implant for transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion.

Alphatec Launches InVictus Spinal Fixation

Alphatec commenced commercial release of InVictus, a spinal fixation platform to treat a range of pathologies via MIS, open or hybrid surgical approaches.

joimax Launches EndoLIF Line

joimax commenced launch of the complete line of EndoLIF® devices for lumbar interbody fusion.

Centric Medical Launches MTP Plating System

Centric Medical commenced commercial launch of the MTP Plating System, comprising plates, screws and other fixation components to stabilize bone segments in foot/ankle.

Atlas Spine Launches HiJak AC Expandable Interbody

Atlas Spine announced successful completion of its 50th surgical procedure and >100 devices implanted with the HiJak AC expandable cervical interbody fusion device.

Smart Medical Devices Launching SMARTdrill 6.0

Smart Medical Devices' SMARTdrill® 6.0 and and SMARTbit drill bits are available in the U.S. for use in some of the most common orthopedic surgical procedures.