Aurora Spine Issued Patent for DEXA Technology

Aurora Spine Issued Patent for DEXA Technology
The U.S. patent, "Body Density Scan Result-Matched Orthopedic Implants and Methods of Use,” relates to DEXA technology patient-matched implant technology.

Implanet JAZZ Cap Patented in Japan

Implanet JAZZ Cap Patented in Japan
JAZZ Cap pedicle screw fixation technology is now protected in the United States, Europe and Japan. JAZZ Cap is CE Mark approved and FDA 510(k) cleared.

HAPPE Spine Gains Additional U.S. Patent

HAPPE Spine Gains Additional U.S. Patent
The patent claims provide broad protections for material and manufacturing that support fully porous, bioactive polyetheretherketone technology.

Episurf Granted Additional U.S. Patent

Episurf Granted Additional U.S. Patent
Episurf Medical received another Notice of Allowance for a U.S. patent that addresses devices and processes to facilitate treatment of joint lesions with osteochondral grafts.

Episurf Medical Patent and Regulatory Updates

Episurf Medical Patent and Regulatory Updates
Episurf Medical received an additional patent in China relative to the Episealer® Femoral Twin joint implant design process and expects to obtain CE Mark Approval for the Episealer Talus ankle implant.

Implanet Granted Patent in Japan for JAZZ Lock

Implanet was granted a patent in Japan for JAZZ Lock® technology, part of its JAZZ™ solutions platform to treat degenerative spine disorders.

Medicrea Awarded Additional U.S. Patents

Medicrea was allowed three new U.S. patents relating to the company's proprietary UNiD® Adaptive Spine Intelligence software platform.

SpineEX Issued New U.S. Patent

SpineEX was issued its second U.S. patent, addressing a novel mechanism to adjust posterior and anterior sides of an interbody fusion device independently of each other. 

SpinalCyte Gains Additional Canadian Patent

SpinalCyte was issued a new patent in Canada, related to subjecting fibroblast cells to specific environments to differentiate into chondrocytes for use in joints and spinal discs.

Episurf Medical Gains Another US Patent

Episurf Medical received another Notice of Allowance from the USPTO, addressing image segmentation used for 3D joint damage visualization as well as the design of patient-specific implants and instruments.

iOrthopedics Files Additional US Patent Application

iOrthopedics filed another U.S. patent application on the Universally Expanding Cage, protecting its novel design that supports customized reconstructive spinal surgery.

Simplify Medical Receives 50th US Patent

Simplify Medical received its 50th U.S. patent, addressing the low-profile and anatomically-shaped design of its Simplify® cervical disc replacement.

TranS1 Granted Three New Patents

TranS1 was granted patents addressing presacral interbody fusion technologies, including new expandable cages and a new sacroiliac fusion technique.

Vexim Granted Patents in China and Japan

Vexim expanded its SpineJack® patent portfolio in Asia with the issuance of new patents in Japan and China. Further, the company is initiating biological and mechanical qualifying tests required to register its products by the China FDA.

New U.S. Patent for Osseon Steerable Devices

Osseon received U.S. Patent No. 9,510,885 for a Steerable and Curvable Cavity Creation System, used in the treatment of spinal compression fractures.

Spinal Simplicity: Six New Patents Granted in 2016

Six new patents were granted to Spinal Simplicity in 2016, bringing its portfolio to 52 globally. A new Notice of Allowance in 2017 brings the company's U.S. patent total to 16.

Bodycad Awarded U.S. Patents

Bodycad was awarded two U.S. patents for improving the accuracy, reproducibility and speed for 3D constructs via MRI and CD images in long and small bone orthopaedic applications.

Amedica Awarded New U.S. Patent

Amedica was awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,399,309 for threading sinterable materials, covering methods used for spinal fusion or other biomedical implants.

Aurora Spine Issued U.S. Patent Related to ZIP MIS Devices

Aurora Spine was issued U.S. Patent No. 9,364,264, "Dynamic and Non-Dynamic Interspinous Fusion Implant and Bone Growth Stimulation System," covering ZIP® devices including ZIP Ultra®, ZIP 51™, ZIP LP™, Dyna-ZIP™, etc.

MedShape Invalidates Cayenne Medical Patent Claims

MedShape announced that a U.S. District Court ruled to invalidate key claims of a Cayenne Medical patent. Cayenne Medical agreed to withdraw allegations of patent infringement and end litigation on the matter, and MedShape withdrew challenges to the validity of Cayenne Medical's patent claims.

Episurf Granted U.S. Patent

Episurf Medical was granted a U.S. patent covering a method to manufacture patient-specific joint implants and associated surgical tools.