Contract Manufacturer M&A: 2017-3Q18

Merger and acquisition activity is shaping the broader orthopedic supply chain base, with contract manufacturers of all sizes transforming in the last decade to keep pace with their scaling device company customers. We've identified three M&A trends in this portion of the market.

Spine Company M&A Picks Up in 3Q18

We've tracked 31 mergers and acquisitions in the spine space from 2017 through mid-September 2018...with eight of them happening in just the last four weeks. The global spine market comprises nearly 300 companies; players need broad portfolios or novel technologies to vie for market share today.

Hospital M&A, Priorities Offer OEMs Strategic Direction

The U.S. hospital landscape steadily continues to be shaped by consolidation that is forced by competition, declining reimbursement and public and private payor cost and control measures. As these trends are expected to endure at least through the next decade, it's imperative that you understand what your hospital customer base will look like several years from now.

Postmarket Surveillance and M&A

Data collection is paramount to the success of any orthopaedic device. What happens to the much-coveted postmarket data/initiative during and after a merger or acquisition? We posed this question to Vicki Anastasi, Vice President & Global Head, Medical Devices & Diagnostics Research with ICON plc.

SpineVision Acquired by Norgine Ventures

Norgine Ventures entered into a definitive agreement to acquire SpineVision. The partnership will support SpineVision's research and development for commercialization of products combining dynamic stabilization and a minimally invasive, percutaneous approach, such as Flex+2 and LUMIS.

1H16 M&A Recap: Big Players Make Moves

During 1H16, seven of the eight largest orthopaedic device companies confirmed or completed acquisitions or divestitures spanning nearly every orthopaedic market segment. Here we present a full list of M&A transactions from the first half of the year.