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Hangsterfer's Laboratories

Skip Wolford, OEM Relations Manager
175 Ogden Rd | Mantua, NJ 08051 | United States
856-468-0216 (Phone) | 800-433-5823 (Toll-free)
937-554-2766 (Mobile) | 856-468-0200 (Fax)

Hangsterfer’s Laboratories produces coolants and other lubricants used in all sectors of the medical metalworking industry. We are a family owned and operated company, born in 1937. Together we will overcome costly machining problems, reduce down-time and maintenance costs and dramatically improve your company’s bottom line. Hangsterfer’s engineering staff and knowledgeable representatives are ready to answer your questions and solve your problems!

Equipment/Machinery Sales
Implant Manufacturing
Surface Preparation/Treatments