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The Change Management Project: One Surgeon's Attempt to Fix a Hospital Orthopaedic Service

This is the first entry into a series of articles about implementing and managing changes by a small group of participants in orthopaedic services at a community hospital. We will see if the efficiencies perfected in a single specialty surgery center can be applied to a small hospital.

As we embark upon a pilot project to reform a hospital’s orthopaedic department from the bottom up, we have enacted a few basic tenets:

  • Every change must move in the direction of improved quality and value.
  • A small core orthopaedic team will begin a dialogue about changes.
  • Hospital protocols will be respected, but will also be reviewed to determine if they are bringing value to the process or merely exist to place a check in a box.
  • Change management will begin with a bottom-up approach.


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