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Supply Chain Quality Panel: OEMs and Suppliers Offer Perspectives, Insight

By Rob Meyer

Supply chain quality impacts every device company and supplier partner, involving personnel in R&D, purchasing, quality and sourcing.

OEMs and their suppliers play roles in engaging individuals within their own companies to ensure that product quality, integrity and patient safety remain areas of focus throughout the entire manufacturing process.

At OMTEC® 2018, a panel comprising two OEM and two supplier experts, moderated by an industry consultant, discussed the crucial aspects of supply chain quality. We learned much from the discussion and thought you would, too.  

In Part I of our recap, we present the panelists’ comments on OEM/supplier relationships,and the challenges posed by quality agreements, regulatory oversight and continuous improvement efforts.

In Part II, we present their thoughts on European Union Medical Device Regulation, third-party audits and the need for more consistency in validations across the industry.