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Zimmer Closes Biomet Acquisition

On Wednesday, June 24, Zimmer completed its acquisition of Biomet in a cash equity transaction valued at ~$14 billion.

Zimmer announced its plans to acquire its cross-town rival in Warsaw, Indiana in April 2014. The newly-named Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc. now becomes the world’s second-largest orthopaedic device company, with estimated market share of 17 percent. Combined, the companies’ orthopaedic revenues reached nearly $7.5 billion in 2014.

Zimmer Biomet leaders affirmed that the acquisition enhances the company’s ability to diversify its revenue mix, create cross-selling opportunities and improve global distribution channels.

An estimated 72 percent of the company’s revenue will derive from joint reconstruction, where the combined company will hold 35 percent of segment share, according to ORTHOWORLD’s Orthopaedic Device Company Profiles: Top Performers. (See Exhibit 1.) Specifically, the acquisition gives Zimmer Biomet an edge in the knee and hip markets and accelerates its growth—and market position—in arthroscopy/soft tissue, trauma and spine.

Exhibit 1: Zimmer Biomet Worldwide 2014 Revenue by Market Segment

Updated net annual synergies were provided during the acquisition closing announcement. Zimmer Biomet expects synergies of approximately $350 million by the end of its third year, with approximately $135 million synergies anticipated in the first 12 months. The company’s planned research and development budget is $360 million, nearly double Zimmer’s previous spend.

To satisfy regulators, Zimmer agreed to divest U.S. rights and assets for the ZUK unicondylar knee to Smith & Nephew, and U.S. rights and assets for Biomet’s Discovery® Total Elbow, Cobalt™ Bone Cement and Optivac® Cement Mixing Accessories to DJO Global. Lima Corporate acquired the ZUK and Discovery Elbow within the European Economic Area and Switzerland, as well as the Biomet Vanguard™ Complete Knee for Denmark and Sweden.

Wells Fargo suggested that the divestiture of Biomet’s bone cement may indicate FTC’s treatment of future M&A in the hip and knee arena. With four major players in the bone cement segment representing 98% market share (Stryker 40%, Zimmer 30%, Johnson & Johnson/DePuy Synthes 18% and Biomet 10%, per FTC), FTC viewed the Zimmer Biomet rollup as anti-competitive. In hips/knees, 90% of the market* is led again by four entities (Zimmer Biomet 37%, Stryker 23%, Johnson & Johnson/DePuy Synthes 21%, Smith & Nephew 10%). In light of these numbers, it’s possible that FTC could treat future transactions in that segment in the same way as with bone cement.


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*FTC's 90% is slightly higher than ORTHOWORLD's estimate of 87% hip/knee market share held by these four companies. See our lineup in the ANNUAL REPORT