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JBJS: 3rd Annual Role of the Orthopaedic Surgeon Study reveals Top 10 predictions about the future

Surgeon respondents indicate that they expect:

#10: More insurance hassles
#9: Will hire more healthcare "extenders" (PAs, NPs)
#8: Will work harder for less
#7: Lower reimbursement
#6: Nothing will change (regarding role as an orthopaedic surgeon)
#5: More government regulation
#4: Will become hospital employees
#3: Will have less autonomy
#2: Will retire/stop performing surgery
#1: Will have more admin work


Of note, >90% of survey respondents reported that they have an influence in orthopaedic device purchasing decisions, a finding confirmed by hospital purchasing professionals.

Read the press release here and view the presentation slides from The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery study.

Methodology: Email survey sent to 2,868 JBJS U.S. subscribers; 469 orthopaedic surgeons responded, representing 16% response rate