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In Memory of Biomet Founder, Dane Miller

Orthopaedics lost an industry stalwart this week with the passing of Dane A. Miller, Ph.D., one of four Biomet founders and CEO of the company from 1977 to 2006. He was 69.

Biomet was founded to compete in a market dominated by pharmaceutical companies with orthopaedic device divisions. Under Miller’s leadership, Biomet grew from $17,000 in revenue in 1978, its first fiscal year in operation, to more than $2 billion in 2006. Biomet has long been known for its family-like culture that was fostered by Miller even as the company grew to become of the largest in the industry.

“It is impossible in one short statement to give justice to his impact on our company, on our industry, and on the communities where we operate – especially Warsaw and Winona Lake, Indiana,” Biomet President and CEO, Jeff Binder, said in a statement. “It is also impossible to describe adequately Dane’s impact on the lives of our Team Members and on the members of the orthopaedic community with whom he worked and developed friendships over many years.

“Dane Miller was a true pioneer both in regard to the development of new technologies and in the management and development of Biomet’s unique work environment and culture.”

His dedication to technological advancement and the Biomet team is evidenced in a 2004 Executive Interview Miller gave to ORTHOKNOW®.

Grace College will hold a memorial service on February 20. Click here for more information.