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Coatings Support Early Integration, Infection Prevention

After combing through company product launches, university research findings and surgeon-led discussions at meetings, and receiving requests for supplier partner referrals, it’s clear that implant coatings are of great interest to orthopaedic professionals all along the supply chain.
Naturally, these interests align with the way that coatings are developed, the problems they solve and the outcomes they produce. Further, these findings uncover current trends, like spine companies coating PEEK with titanium, the search for the holy grail to end postsurgical infection and the focus on ease of manufacturing and cost. (To the latter point, Jason Mansell, Ph.D., whom you’ll hear more from, ended our conversation with, “Suffice to say, you could make this new coating in your kitchen using water as the solvent in a matter of hours!”)
Coating technology is exciting and provides a means for innovation and even just incremental improvements. We spoke with three individuals, all professors and one a surgeon, all at different stages of coating research. 
We asked about the basics behind the technology they seek to advance, what role coatings play in the implant, what level they perceive their colleagues’ understanding of coatings science to be, what they would share with device companies commercializing new technologies. And, what will be the dialogue around coatings five years from now. In this BONEZONE article, we learn what they're excited about.

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