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Change to management of Mathys Group

(Source: Mathys Ltd Bettlach) After more than three years as CEO, Dr Arne Faisst is leaving the family-owned company Mathys by mutual consent due to different views on the future of Mathys. Hugo Mathys is taking over management.

Dr Arne Faisst has worked for Mathys in several roles since 1997 before being appointed as CEO in 2010. During this time he has made a valuable contribution to the overall development of the company. The Board of Directors and Arne Faisst have agreed to go separate ways due to different views on the future of Mathys; by mutual consent, Arne Faisst will leave the company.

Hugo Mathys, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who has headed up the company since 2010, will assume management again. ‘The double role of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors worked well in the past; it is not a problem in a family-owned business, and it even results in certain benefits,’ explains Hugo Mathys. He refers to the more direct interface between strategic and operative management as the key advantage.

The company posted stable growth of 7.6%, 6.8% adjusted for currency effects, as at the end of August 2013 compared to the same period in the previous year despite a difficult market environment.

About Mathys Ltd Bettlach
Swiss orthopaedics company Mathys was founded in 1946 and looks back at 54 years of experience in the field of medical technology. Since 1 November 2003 the company has focused exclusively on the development, production and marketing of joint replacement products. Although some products are manufactured in Germany, most are made in Switzerland. At this point in time Mathys supplies hip, knee and shoulder implants and synthetic bone replacement material, and the company plans to enter the sports orthopaedics market in 2013.

Mathys operates 11 subsidiaries, in China, Germany, France, Belgium, England, Holland, Japan, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, and is owned by the Mathys and Marzo families.

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