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Augmedics Bringing X-Ray Vision to Surgery with X-VISION Visualization System

By Rob Meyer

Last year, we shared with you news about a small Israeli start-up and its “see through skin” technology. Augmedics X-VISION is an Augmented Reality head-mounted display that is designed to let surgeons "see through" skin and tissue by projecting a 3D image of the patient's spine onto the surgeon's retina in real time.

We found this so interesting that we sought some time with inventor and Augmedics CEO and Co-Founder Mr. Nissan Elimelech, who has ten years of experience in various medical device markets, including spine (Medtronic).

“What we add to the basic surgical navigation system is, we take data from the patient and create a 3D model of the anatomy and project it onto the surgeon’s retina, in real time,” Elimelech said. “So, the surgeon is not only looking on a screen, but also gets the information sent directly to his or her eyes; the surgeon basically has x-ray vision, where he can see the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue.”

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