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Build a Supply Base that Supports the Corporate Vision

Achieving strategic alignment throughout the entire organization isn’t easy, and can be especially difficult for purchasing departments. Jeoff Burris addresses this in a recent article about the benefits of building a supply chain that supports the corporate vision. 
The difficulty lies in the fact that:
  • Corporate visions can provide conflicting messages—a company may strive to be a technology leader while experiencing pressures from low-cost producers.
  • Economics and competitive pressures change—visions should be static, but plans to achieve them need to be flexible. 
  • Suppliers’ visions for their businesses may not align with your company’s vision.

Mr. Burris continues: 
“A strategically aligned supply base efficiently leverages the resources of suppliers that can best help your company achieve its vision, and provides extended benefits to those suppliers. A strategically aligned supply base can also help lower the cost of products and reduce investments required to develop new products or expand into geographic regions.” 
How can this be achieved? 
Step 1: Purchasing Must Understand Company Strategy
Step 2: Purchasing Must Assess and Identify Commodities with the Highest Impact on the Strategy
Learn how to execute these steps. Read the full article and attend Mr. Burris’s OMTEC session.