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Year in Review

Public Orthopaedic Companies: 2017 Revenue and 2018 Sales Drivers

In announcing 2017 revenue, most companies also made 2018 guidance available and shared strategies to support growth in this year and beyond—read on. Our final estimates for 2017 orthopaedic industry revenue can be found in THE ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT.

Extremities and Sports Medicine Products Serve a Growing Surgeon Focus

To serve a growing surgeon focus on the specialties of extremities recon and sports medicine, AAOS is launching new educational tracks at this year's annual meeting. What have companies launched to serve these surgeons? Let's review.

Recapping Your Predictions: Consolidations and Launches as Growth Opportunities

At the dawn of 2017, we published results of an ORTHOWORLD Membership survey in ORTHOKNOW. Among the questions, we asked you to predict: In 2017, where do the opportunities lie for you and your company? Let's look back at what happened.

Additive in Orthopaedics in the News: 2017

Call it additive or 3D printing, embrace or eschew it, there is no getting around the reality that the technology is a big deal in orthopaedics. We’ve rounded up the companies that made headlines within 2017.

The Orthopaedic Products and Services of 2017

The annual rundown of products and services is like attending a reunion—we’re looking back over the year and keeping you informed on what everyone is doing. Here’s what made headlines with market entry in 2017.

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