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Voice of Industry

ORTHOWORLD Member Success Story: Magnus René on Integrum's OPRA Prosthetics, Additive Manufacturing Adoption

Magnus René has been part of the additive manufacturing revolution in orthopedics, from initial trials in 2004 to mass production opportunities today. Now he serves on the Board of Directors for Integrum, developer of the OPRA osseointegrated prosthetic implant system for amputees–as well as next-generation robotic prostheses. He tells Integrum's story and shares his most significant professional accomplishment.

OMTEC Recap: Orthopedic Surgeons Waiting for Technology to Catch Up to Their Needs

Surgeons were clear: they are interested in leveraging innovations in materials, robotics, AI and wearables for the benefit of their patients and their practices. They will look to the data to measure progress.

Market Insight: Trauma Needs Products that Improve Efficiency, Gain Traction Quickly

The trauma market is largely driven by the need to repair fractures in the hips and upper extremities. In recent years, it has attracted established players from other orthopedic subsegments that seek to diversify their portfolios, startups with novel technology and numerous players focused specifically on foot and ankle. We spoke with David Kay, M.D., a foot and ankle surgeon and orthopedic device entrepreneur, to gain his perspective on current and future factors affecting the trauma market. His comments originally appeared in THE ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT®.

Market Insight: Orthobiologic Products Must Become Procedure-Specific

Orthobiologics play a role in every orthopedic market segment; the importance of their advancements affects the industry as a whole. We asked Andy Carter, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at TheraCell, to give his insight on the orthobiologics market—as it stands now, and where it’s heading in the near future. His comments originally appeared in ORTHOWORLD’s Annual Report.

Surgeons Weigh in on Robotics’ Role in Orthopedics

Robotics remains a hotly-discussed topic amongst orthopedic surgeons. OMTEC® 2019 provided a stage for the continued debate during the surgeon keynote, with active robotic users calling for technology advancements and a non-user recommending that adoption be based on data and outcomes.

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