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Voice of Industry

Orthopedic Players Say Industry is Ripe for Business Model, Supply Chain Disruption

Ortho Spine Partners' business model is new to us. Using complementary perspectives from device company and hospital purchasing sides as a team approach, they serve as hired strategists and executors for product commercialization and corporate activities.

Orthopedics is a relationship-driven industry, and the modern sales process requires different relationships. OSP’s leadership is betting that its surgeon, hospital, sales rep and device company contacts, as well as its out-of-the-box thinking, can be leveraged to provide small partnering companies with national scale typically not attainable by young companies.

CCJR Founder A. Seth Greenwald Reflects on Joint Replacement Advancements

In January, The Hip Society and The Knee Society in partnership signed an agreement to acquire Current Concepts in Joint Replacement®. For nearly 40 years, CCJR has educated thousands of joint replacement surgeons around the world, giving them a platform to debate surgical techniques and discuss trending topics of the day—conversations that have advanced orthopedics. The bi-annual conference will hold its Spring Meeting from May 8-11 in Cleveland, Ohio, and is expected to host surgeons, device companies and contract manufacturers.

Knee Replacement Innovation Led by Materials, Design and Computer-Assisted Surgical Improvements

Dr. Bob Poggie reflects on trends in materials to increase durability of articulation and reliability of implant fixation; design solutions to improve kinematics; computer-driven advances in design and manufacturing and surgical tools to increase accuracy, reliability and efficiency of procedures.

Smart Devices, Robotics, Sensors: Tools to Improve Patient Outcomes

Dr. Martin Roche: "The surgeon still wants to operate, but if this technology makes the procedure more consistent, efficient and generates improved outcomes, the patients will request it and surgeons will utilize the data to potentially develop the next surgical procedures and personalized implants."

Medartis: Profile of a Newly-Public Orthopaedic Company

Medartis went public on the SIX Swiss Exchange in March, securing proceeds to fund product development, international expansion and potential acquisitions. Their public launch provided deeper insight into the company’s position within the global orthopaedic trauma space. We reviewed Medartis’ 2017 and 2018 strategic announcements, and spoke with leadership to get a better sense of the company’s recent and future movement.

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