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ORTHOWORLD Member Success Story: Focus on Science, Not Technique, says Orthopedic Surgeon and Academic

Over the last five decades, the orthopedic career of Hendrik Delport, M.D., Ph.D. has evolved from surgeon to researcher to teacher to innovator. His experience developing knee implants led him to realize that further advancement in total knee arthroscopy would require a change in surgeon performance, not in device design. He returned to the lab for answers, and in 2013 earned his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from KU Leuven, an accomplishment that he considers to be the greatest of his career.

We asked Dr. Delport to share insights from his varied career experiences. What would he do different if given the chance? "Nothing," he said.

Startup Spotlight: Carmell Therapeutics Takes Regenerative Medicine to the Next Level with Controlled Degradable Biologic

For years, orthobiologics and other forms of regenerative medicine have sought to mimic and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Carmell Therapeutics has a new approach to that end-goal. The company’s proprietary process is designed to bind and cross-link regenerative factors in lyophilized platelet-enriched plasma into solid and semi-solid plasma-based materials to accelerate healing in bone, tendon and wound care.

“We’re a regenerative medicine company that has a unique technology to accelerate and enhance healing and reduce infections,” said Randy Hubbell, Chief Executive Officer. “Our technology is delivering regenerative factors, specifically growth factors, locally to an injured site and has a time-release mechanism.”

Member Success Story: Paragon 28's CTO on Engineering, Extremities and Career Experience

Not everyone can credit a decades-long successful career to their dog. But Frank Bono, CTO and CO-Founder of Paragon 28, Inc. does exactly that. He shares what he learned at startups and large orthopedic corporations, offers advice for the next generation of new hires and shares his thoughts on extremities reconstruction, the last orthopedic frontier.

Member Success Story: Marty Altshuler Shares Lessons Learned in Building a Spine Company

Marty Altshuler and Rick Henson were given an opportunity to acquire spinal products and transition from a medical device distributorship to a successful, full line implant manufacturing company. There was only one option: they made the deal and founded ChoiceSpine back in 2006. Today, the company is prioritizing ASCs and continued growth in Europe.

ORTHOWORLD Member Success Story: Magnus René on Integrum's OPRA Prosthetics, Additive Manufacturing Adoption

Magnus René has been part of the additive manufacturing revolution in orthopedics, from initial trials in 2004 to mass production opportunities today. Now he serves on the Board of Directors for Integrum, developer of the OPRA osseointegrated prosthetic implant system for amputees–as well as next-generation robotic prostheses. He tells Integrum's story and shares his most significant professional accomplishment.

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