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Year in Review

The Orthopaedic Products and Services of 2017

By Julie A. Vetalice

The annual rundown of products and services is like attending a reunion—we’re looking back over the year and keeping you informed on what everyone is doing. Here’s what made headlines with market entry in 2017. We’ll start with services, and move to product launches.


Focus: Healthcare Delivery Support 

These three launches sought to help providers address episode of care, cost containment and outcomes challenges.

Flower Orthopedics launched FlowerAdvantage to serve ASCs by bundling all components for a case on one invoice with one price, offering a value-based portfolio to accommodate challenging reimbursement scenarios, allowing the center to sell back used single-use instruments from the case, etc. Flower’s bone fixation products are used throughout the body.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices launched CareAdvantage, a process to identify a health system customer’s needs and objectives pertaining to the delivery of value-based care. This feeds into an action plan that includes metrics to measure results, and streamlines the path of JJMD devices through surgical services and sterile processing. The Orthopaedic Episode of Care Approach includes a Shared Performance Agreement option, designed to help reduce average episodic hip and knee implant patient costs.

Stryker Performance Solutions launched Practice Excellence to help U.S. orthopaedic practices drive profitability, efficiency and quality outcomes. The program offers revenue cycle management, practice redesign for efficiency and ongoing data analytics.

Focus: Digital Tools for Recovery/Data Collection

Meanwhile, these four launches offered new ways to connect patients and providers.

Claris Healthcare launched Reflex, a coaching system designed to monitor and maximize TKR patient recovery, and offer patient management tools and compliance reporting to care providers.

Consensus Orthopedics launched TracPatch, reportedly the first-to-market system offering an orthopaedic post-surgical wearable device.

Johnson & Johnson introduced Health Partner, comprising a website and mobile app that leverage behavior change strategies and technology to prepare patients for hip and knee procedures. A provider portal routes real-time progress data and analysis to the healthcare system.

PeerWell is launching PreHab to ReHab for patients undergoing hip or knee replacement in outpatient centers, specifically to help expand the types of patients that surgeons can indicate. This program provides healthcare staff with weekly reporting data about patient progress and risk before surgery.


Focus: Hip and Knee

Here are the implants and surgical assistance systems that made the large joint scene throughout the year.

Bodycad announced the first in-patient use of its FDA- and EU-cleared personalized Unicompartmental Knee.

Corin commenced U.S. launch of its Optimized Positioning System, designed to reduce wear and dislocation rates in hip arthroplasty.

DePuy Synthes grew the ATTUNE knee line with a Revision Fixed Bearing Tibial Base and 14x50mm Cemented Stem.

Exactech completed first U.S. Truliant knee procedures and initial surgeries with the Alteon HA Femoral Hip stem. Further, the company made headway in Japan with first clinical use of shoulder, knee and hip reconstruction systems.

Maxx Orthopedics globally launched the low-profile Freedom PCK Revision knee.

Medacta launched the MiniMAX anatomical cementless hip stem, suitable for minimally invasive anterior and posterior procedures, in the U.S.

MicroPort Orthopedics launched EVOLUTION Revision and BioFoam Tibia systems, as well as the Procotyl Prime acetabular cup, part of its Dynasty Acetabular Cup System.

OMNIlife science marked the first clinical use of novel robotic tissue balancing with the OMNIBotics robotic-assisted total knee replacement platform.

OrthAlign fully launched UniAlign handheld surgical navigation for unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. The company also entered the market in Greece with KneeAlign and, with distribution partner Smith & Nephew, completed first KneeAlign cases in Hong Kong, too.



Clockwise from top left:
Bodycad - Unicompartmental Knee
Maxx Orthopedics - Freedom PCK Revision Knee
MicroPort Orthopedics - Procotyl Prime Acetabular Cup

Smith & Nephew completed its first robotics-assisted bi-cruciate retaining TKR procedures using NAVIO and the JOURNEY II XR.

Stryker fully launched the Mako robotic-arm assisted total knee application, presently the only robotic technology that can be used across total hip, total knee and partial knee replacement. Stryker Instruments launched System 8 power tools, including the EZout Powered Acetabular Revision System.

Zimmer Biomet commenced global launch of the Persona Partial Knee, replacing the fixed bearing knee that was divested to Lima and Smith & Nephew as part of the Biomet/Zimmer union.

Focus: Shoulder and Ankle

Last year, we only highlighted Exactech and Integra in this section; there was more to see, in 2017.

Corin commenced U.S. launch of the Humelock Reversed Shoulder to treat massive rotator cuff tears and severe arthritis.

DJO Global launched the AltiVate Anatomic Shoulder with P2, a proprietary “porous porous” coating designed to provide superior bone ingrowth. P2 is reportedly the first porous porous coating in the world wherein the non-spherical bead itself is also porous.

Exactech logged the first surgery with its Equinoxe Preserve humeral stem and first U.S. procedures using the ExactechGPS Shoulder application.

FH Orthopedics successfully completed its first total shoulder arthroplasty in the U.S. with the Arrow Prime cementless glenoid baseplate.

Integra fully launched the Cadence Total Ankle in Canada, the U.S. and select EU regions. In shoulder, they launched the Titan Press-Fit Reverse implant for fracture.

Medacta entered the upper extremities reconstruction market with completion of the first procedure using the Medacta Shoulder. (Actual launch is slated for 2018.)


SO MANY EXPANDABLES. (And there are even more in the next section, Additive in the News.)

Aesculap Implant Systems launched the TSpaceXP interbody system, with a warranty program for its PlasmaporeXP-coating.

Alphatec Spine kicked off limited U.S. launch of the Arsenal Deformity Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis system and fully launched the Battalion Lateral System and Squadron Lateral Retractor.

ChoiceSpine launched HARRIER, a PEEK-based anterior lumbar interbody fusion system.

CoreLink introduced Scaltoff, a stackable guide wire for the Entasis SI Joint Fusion system.

DePuy Synthes launched the VIPER PRIME pedicle screw, designed to reduce the number of instruments, instrument passes and steps required to insert a percutaneous screw in an MIS technique.

Expanding Orthopedics announced CE Mark approval and launch of the FLXfit15 interbody cage.

GS Medical USA commenced full launch of AnyPlus DLIF, as well as Anterior and Posterior Disc Prep sets.

Following regulatory clearance in the EU and U.S., Implanet launched the JAZZ Braid banding device.

Among K2M’s launches were MESA 2 Cricket nstrumentation and SAHARA AL, the company’s first expandable interbody.

Life Spine initiated limited launches of SENTRY ALIF Plating and the SIMPACT TRI-FIN SI joint fixation screw, and full commercial launch of new OSSEO-LOC titanium surface-treated spinal implants, such as ProLift Expandable PLIF/TLIF and TiBOW Expandable TLIF spacers.


Clockwise from top:
CoreLink - Scaltoff for Entasis SI Joint Fusion System
Spineology - Elite Expandable Interbody Fusion System
VGI Medical - VerteLP Lateral Interbody Fusion System
NeuroPro Spinal Jaxx - Spinal Jaxx Expandable LIF Devices
DePuy Synthes - VIPER PRIME Pedicle Screw

Medicrea introduced UNiD HUB software for spine procedure planning and workflow management.

Nanovis completed alpha launch of FortiCore PLIF, featuring a deeply-porous titanium scaffold with a PEEK core.

NeuroPro Spinal Jaxx announced completion of the first commercial surgeries with the Spinal Jaxx expandable lumbar interbody fusion device.

In hardware, NuVasive launched Modulus XLIF, 3D-printed titanium implants for use in lateral lumbar interbody fusion, and RELINE Trauma, designed to offer intra-op customization in the treatment of spinal fractures. In hardware and software, they launched LessRay, hardware and software designed to minimize overexposure to radiation in the O.R.

SeaSpine commenced limited launch of the Skipjack Expandable Interbody, and fully launched the Mariner pedicle-based system for posterior spinal fixation, Shoreline anterior cervical standalone system and the Vu aPOD Prime NanoMetalene System for ALIF.

SAGICO commenced North American debut of its expand-able interbody fusion system, comprising Aria Lumbar and Arion Cervical devices.

Spinal Elements successfully completed first procedures with the Lucent XP expandable interbody.

Spine Innovation announced first implantations of its Expandable TLIF device.

Spine Wave fully launched the Proficient Posterior Cervical system.

Spineology commenced full market release of the Elite Expandable Interbody Fusion system. More than 300 cases have been completed since limited launch in 2Q16.

Spineway announced completion of the first minimally invasive surgery in the U.S. using the Mont Blanc MIS line.

Vexim launched Masterflow Plus in Germany for the treatment of low-energy osteoporotic fractures. (Vexim was acquired by Stryker during 2017.)

VGI Medical launched VerteLP Lateral Interbody Fusion.

Wenzel Spine commenced U.S. launch of new sizes and MIS instrumentation for the VariLift-C standalone interbody fusion system.

Xenco Medical expanded U.S. availability of the ASC CerviKit delivery and storage platform for disposable ACDF systems.

Zimmer Biomet commenced U.S. launch of the Avenue T TLIF Cage and Vitality+ and Vital spine fixation lines.

Z-Medical completed the first open procedure to employ the MIS Z-Pedicle Screw system in the U.S.


Companies that focus on pediatric treatments do offer more than trauma, I understand, but trauma and deformity correction are a large part of their businesses.

Focus: Pediatric-Specific

Orthofix launched JuniOrtho, a brand to house all of its products and services that treat pediatric congenital deformities and fractures.

OrthoPediatrics launched PediFrag, a pre-contoured pediatric-specific clavicle plate for the treatment of mid-shaft fractures, and a Distal Femoral Osteotomy system to treat a variety of conditions such as varus and valgus knee deformities and flexion contracture.

WishBone Medical introduced its first product, the Exact Osteotomy System, designed to support precise, repeatable bone cuts for all types of pediatric orthopaedic procedures.

Everyone Else:

Arthrosurface announced launch and completion of the first procedure with OsteoMATE, an arthrodesis implant for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Centric Medical successfully completed initial cases with the Hammertoe Correction System. Limited launch is slated for 2Q17.

CrossRoads Extremity Systems launched DynaFORCE for foot/ankle procedures, reported to be the first hybrid fixation system on the market.

DePuy Synthes commenced U.S. launch of TFNA Augmentation; MAXFRAME, a 3D simulation assisted external circular fixation device for the treatment of limb deformity and a sterilized, single-use system of distal radius instruments and implants.

Extremity Medical’s 2017 product launches included systems for Charcot fixation, total wrist arthroplasty, MTP fusion and Jones fracture.

New product launches from Flower Orthopedics included updated instruments in the Flower E-Kit system; FlowerGraft, a foot reconstruction platform with pre-shaped allografts and the addition of Headless Compression Screws to the Ready-for-Surgery cannulated screw set.

Globus Medical entered the trauma space with completion of its first case using the ANTHEM Distal Radius Fracture system.

Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics completed the first surgery using its GEO Bone Screw and GEO CART computerized mobile implant/instrumentation inventory system.


Clockwise from top:
OrthoPediatrics - Pediatric Clavicle Plate
DePuy Synthes -  MAXFRAME
The Orthopaedic Implant Company - External Fixation System
Nextremity Solutions - PiroVue Gastrocnemius Recession System
DePuy Synthes - TFNA Augmentation 

MedShape launched DynaFrame CF, a carbon fiber-filled PEEK deployment system for use with DynaNail TTC Fusion.

Nextremity Solutions commenced limited launch of the Axi+Line Proximal Bunion Correction and PiroVue Gastrocnemius Recession systems.

The Orthopaedic Implant Company introduced an external fixation and a tibial intramedullary nailing system.

Paragon 28 launched twelve products. We don’t have room to share them all…but their very first launch of 2017 was the Baby Gorilla Mini foot/ankle plate.

Wright Medical launched its bone-preserving GRAVITY SYNCHFIX device for dynamic fixation across the syndesmosis.


DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine launched a suite of knee arthroscopy implants and instruments for anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus repair, and Ethicon and DePuy Synthes launched wound closure kits customized for orthopaedic surgery, including STRATAFIX Knotless Tissue Control Devices.

VirtaMed introduced ArthroS Ankle, reportedly the world’s first high-fidelity simulator for ankle arthroscopy.

Zimmer Biomet commenced international release of the Subchondroplasty procedure, following its approval under the CE Mark.


 VirtaMed - ArthroS Ankle



AlloSource launched AlloFuse Select CM cellular allograft for use in spinal, orthopaedic and neurologic procedures.

Artoss introduced NanoBone QD bone graft, comprising NanoBone SBX putty in an application designed for quick delivery.

Bone Solutions commenced U.S. launch of OsteoCrete, reportedly the first bone void filler in the U.S. to incorporate magnesium to support bone development.

CellRight Technologies launched Matrix OI Cortical Fibers, the latest in vivo verified osteoinductive matrix in its portfolio of regenerative human-derived osteobiologics.


 Artoss - NanoBone QD

ChoiceSpine launched its biologics portfolio, adding allograft, synthetic bone graft and amnion offerings to complement its spinal hardware.

curasan entered the U.S. market with the first U.S. implantation of CERASORB Ortho Foam bone graft.

DePuy Synthes and LifeNet launched ViviGen Formable Cellular Bone Matrix, next-gen allograft to support bone formation during spinal fusion.

Extremity Medical launched BioFuse next-gen viable cell bone graft.

Prosidyan announced FDA 510(k) clearance and commercial launch of FIBERGRAFT BG Matrix for posterolateral spinal fusion.

SeaSpine commenced limited launch of OsteoStrand Demineralized Bone Fibers, for use in spinal fusion.

Vericel announced the first U.S. implant of MACI autologous cultured chondrocytes for the treatment of symptomatic knee cartilage defects.

Vivorté launched FORTERA and REGENTO bone graft products.

Sources: Company press releases and websites; images courtesy of manufacturers

Julie A. Vetalice is ORTHOWORLD's Editorial Assistant. She can be reached by email.