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Year in Review

More 2010 Results: Tornier

$227.3MM, +14%
* Upper Extremities $139.1MM, +11%
* Lower $23.6MM, +16%
* Sports Med/Biologics $13.2MM, +101%
* Large Joints/Other $51.3MM, +9%

4Q10 revenue:
$61.2MM, +10%
* Upper Extremities $36.5MM, +9%
* Lower Extremities $6.2MM, +6%
* Sports Med/Biologics $3.5MM, +50%
* Large Joints/Other $14.9MM, +9%

* Completed initial public offering, raised ~$166MM; will use proceeds to invest heavily in new bone-sparing Ascend and Simpliciti shoulders
* Launched 6 of 19 new product launches for 2011 (See BARE BONES®, 3/11.), including Simpliciti: will launch to Europe in 3/11 for a younger patient population (will not cannibalize portfolio), received FDA clearance to start 510(k) IDE study in U.S.
* Currently no group purchasing order contracts with any U.S. hospitals