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Year in Review

More 2010 Results: Synthes

$3,687MM, +8%
* North America $2,154.2MM, +4%
* Europe $850.2MM, +11%
* Asia Pacific $424.4MM, +10% (China +27%)
* Rest of World $258.2MM, +25%

4Q10 revenue:
$975.8MM, +9%
* North America $550.1MM, +6%
* Europe $232.3MM, +14%
* Asia Pacific $119.2MM, +7%
* Rest of World $74.2MM, +32%

* 70% of 2010 sales growth attributed to products launched within last 2 years
* Trauma + CMF generated combined 10% sales growth globally for 2010 via new products, competitive conversions
* North American momentum supported by new product launches in trauma (e.g. Variable Angle Technology) and spine
* Latin America exceeding 20% growth for 2010; established direct sales organization in Chile
* Not expecting 2011 price decreases in Japan
* At AAOS, featured dual column volar and dorsal plate for wrist fracture, EPOCA complete shoulder and fracture stem and new 5.5 Thoracolumbar system with snap-on screw heads
* Received CE Mark approval for gentamicin-coated tibial nail, will target for open/complicated fractures, sell at a premium
* Launched Forefoot/Midfoot System for trauma and reconstruction
* Launching more value-focused trauma system in India: combines plates, screws and instrumentation for both large and small fracture sets into one, packed into a backpack—simple to transport on a scooter, if needed
* Matrix pedicle screw used in >1,000 surgeries globally, U.S. surgeon feedback very positive; product launch is #1 priority for spine division
* Introducing T-Pal minimally invasive interbody fusion device and MIRS minimally invasive reduction screw, for use in combination with Matrix
* Recognizes need to offer visualization solutions, pre-op planning tools, etc.
* Acquired Anspach, adding dedicated power tools division