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Year in Review

More 2010 Results: MAKO Surgical

$44.2MM, +29%
* Procedures $17.6MM
* RIO Systems $24.9MM
* Service/Other $1.7MM

4Q10 revenue:
$14.8MM, +67%
* Procedures $5.6MM
* RIO Systems $8.2MM
* Service/Other $0.8MM

* During 2010, 3,485 MAKOplasty procedures performed (5,869 total to date)
* Procedures performed in 4Q: 129 lateral and isolated patellofemoral, 95 bicompartmental
* Sold 33 RIO Systems in 2010
* 6.4 average monthly utilization per U.S. system
* >58 clinical studies underway to support clinical data for RIO
* Commenced surgeon preference evaluation for hip MAKOplasty application at 3 sites in 10/10
* Debuted hip MAKOplasty application at AAOS, expects full commercialization of technology in 2H11 or early 2012
* Sales force comprises 53 individuals
* Adoption of MAKOplasty could increase as hospital budgets continue to loosen, though cost of additional robot and sales force execution could present challenging factors