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Year in Review

More 2010 Results: LDR

2010 sales growth 45% (U.S. sales +77%)

* Growth attributed to strong demand for VerteBRIDGE Plate and strong product pipeline (including Mobi-C Cervical Disc)
* Pricing pressures, procedure denials/delays, down economy contributed negative pressure during 2010
* Experienced significant growth in ex-U.S. markets, including Asia, Europe, South America
* Secured up to $13MM in financing that will support ongoing Mobi-C Artificial Cervical Disc 1- and 2-level PMAs (1-level submitted in 1/11, 2-level expected to submit mid-March)
* Employs direct reps and exclusive and non-exclusive distributors in U.S., Brazil, China, France, Germany, South Korea, Spain; exclusive distributor network in 26 countries