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MEMBERS UPDATE. The network at work. The following comments are excerpted from the Discussion Board in the Members Area of OrthoWorld at www.orthoworld.com/members/membersarea.htm. Whether you have a question or may know the answers to those posed, we encourage all Members to use this resource. Topic: Instrument to shape allograft required. Author: jointsolutionsalliance. Posted: 04-03-2003 11:00 a.m. We have a need to locate any manufacturer(s) that produce instruments to cut allograft bone in a shape suitable to use in a PLIF procedure. We are hoping to find one that will cut the bone in a very reliable and consistent shapefrom one surgery to the next. The allograft is to be used as a control in a clinical study. Hence the importance for reliability and consistency of shape and size, etc. Can anyone help us out. Thanks in advance. Alan Tanner Author: BK. Posted: 04-03-2003 1:48 p.m. Please contact medArtis and inquire about the diamond doweling instrumentation. 508-747-1128 Ask for Brian. Author: Rookie. Posted: 04-03-2003 8:18 p.m. Check with Stryker Spine. They have a bone jig that was specifically designed to do what you are requesting. The tradename is BoneCraft. Author: Realist. Posted: 04-03-2003 8:47 p.m. Not that it's my place to question your inquiry, but why can't you use any of the pre-machined allograft from Danek, Synthes, Nuvasive, Tutogen, etc.? Author: Chip. Posted: 04-04-2003 06:04 a.m. Contact PAK manufacturing. They can make it for you. Author: Enginerd. Posted: 04-05-2003 09:11 p.m. Alan, Are you looking for surgical instrumentation to cut the graft intraoperatively, or simply a source for high precision, sterile, machined FRA allograft product ready for use in your study? Author: jointsolutionsalliance. Posted 04-06-2003 01:34 p.m. BK, Thanks for calling. The manufacturer is considering your product and I will get back to you. Rookie, Thanks. We are going to contact Stryker. Sounds good. Realist, They are being considered. But this is Canada and the high expense of them will probably rule them out. Chip, Tnks to you also. I too have known the folks at PAK for a long time, but we are looking for something that already exists. It seems that we may have found it. Enginerd, Yes we are looking to use this intraoperatively. To conclude. Thanks to you all!!! What a great site!! I couldn't believe how fast I got responses. NOTE: Other recent topics include: 3rd party billers; Knee & hip manufacturers in Brazil; Reasonable limits for product liability insurance; Arthroscopic to open; Hand market size data.