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1H18 Funding Recap: Where'd They All Go?

Of the 10 companies that announced funding in the first half of the year, just four focus on traditional hardware. Others include biologics, artificial ligaments and software to support device customization.

1H17 Funding Recap: Investors Continue to Back Regulatory-Approved Orthopaedic Technologies

Funding announcements in 1H17 kept pace with the number of announcements made in the first halves of 2016 and 2015, signaling that the environment to raise capital remains consistent, but difficult. 

1H16 Funding Recap: Spine Remains Dominant Market for Investments

ORTHOWORLD reported 18 funding announcements in 1H16, compared to 23 in 1H15. Similar to recent years, the spine market was the largest target for funding.

Investors Talk Technology, People and Funding Fundamentals

Investors continue to tout healthcare IT as a strong space for funding, yet most of the backing in orthopaedics is focusing on traditional technologies.

Squadron Invests in Success of OEMs and Suppliers

In recognizing that small orthopaedic companies—not just startups—face funding constraints, Squadron Capital launched a firm focused on debt financing implants and instrument sets. 

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