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BONE GRAFT ERRATUM. In follow-up to the bone graft substitute matrix we featured in the March 2003 issue of OrthoKnow, we offer our apologies to those companies whose products we inadvertently omitted. Exhibit 8 contains some of the bone graft substitute materials that we should have included in the matrix but did not. EXHIBIT 8: ADDITIONAL BONE GRAFT SUBSTITUTES. Companies added include: CERAMISYS, CORIN, CRYOLIFE, and MEDARTIS. Products added include: Perma-Bone, Repro-Bone, BioFuse, Cerasorb Ortho, Synthacer, and Syntricer. Properties added include: semi-resorbable. Compositions added include: Pure hydroxylapatite (HA), HA (60%) + beta-tricalcium phosphate (?-TCP) (40%), HA (70%) + TCP (30%), HA ceramic, and Chemically pure TCP ceramic. Configurations added include: customizable blocks and customizable cylinders. Regulatory status added includes: CE Mark through curasan AG. * Filling of voids/gaps in extremities, spine and pelvis not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure. BERKELEY ADVANCED: Cem-Ostetic was repeated. Because the formulation ?s proprietary, it should have been listed only in the ""Other"" category. CERBIO TECH: CerBio Tech's CerBio product is a bioceramic based on calcium aluminate. Bone void f?lling: This notation in the Exhibits should have been clarified. This is an FDA description of the indications for which these products were cleared in the U.S. It does not apply to clearance received outside the U.S.