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AAOS Preview: First-Time Exhibitors, New Offerings on the Exhibit Floor

By Julie A. Vetalice

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting is taking place March 12-16 in Las Vegas. The popular destination is expected to draw ~4,000 more attendees (total of ~30,000) and more exhibitors (~650) than last year’s meeting in New Orleans.

AAOS is excited to debut exhibit hall tours which are designed to help attendees gain insight into the industry’s newest developments and offerings. Tours will be led by an Exhibit Committee member with expertise in each specialty area (biologics, hip/knee, shoulder/elbow, sports medicine, trauma, etc.). Also new to the exhibit hall is an Innovation Theater which will expose attendees to live, interactive 20-minute demonstrations from exhibitors about new technological developments. If your company is part of the tour or the demonstrations and you’d like us to attend, drop me a line.

Our home base on the exhibit floor is booth #659. If you’ve never visited, please do. We always have a comfortable seat, a cold drink and an ear for your challenges!

Finally, each year I invest a few hours studying the exhibitor list because I’m genuinely interested to know who is participating. Without fail, a select few companies always spark my interest because they’re new to me or because I don’t recall having dug into what they do. Below, I share 10 companies with you that have never exhibited at AAOS…perhaps they are your newest competitor, acquisition target, provider or customer.

Artoss | Booth #6647 | Rostock, Germany and St. Cloud, Minnesota, U.S.

  • Markets NanoBone bone graft substitute, non-sintered nanocrystalline osteoconductive hydroxylapatite embedded in a porous silica gel matrix
    • Standalone product, does not require the addition of autograft, blood or bone marrow aspirate
    • Two formats FDA 510(k)-cleared to market: granulate and putty
  • Members of management were part of the senior executive team that guided ApaTech, building sales of the Actifuse Synthetic Bone Graft line from inception to its subsequent sale to Baxter International in 2010
  • $1MM in 2018 funding will support development of additional NanoBone products for the U.S. market, regulatory requirements and commercialization


b-ONE Ortho | Booth #6643 | Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, U.S.
Joint Replacement

  • Company's total hip and total knee systems were FDA 510(k) cleared in 2018
  • $20.0MM funding will support portfolio growth and expansion into ex-U.S. markets
  • Management has mix of experience at Arthrex, Biomet, ConforMIS, DePuy Orthopaedics, Kanghui, OrthoPediatrics, Stryker, Trauson, Triangle, Zimmer, (Chief Scientific Officer designed Stryker’s Triathlon total knee)


FundamentalVR | Booth #6749 | London, U.K.
Surgical Simulation

  • Developer of the Fundamental Surgery software platform that allows the surgeon to rehearse, practice and test procedures in a safe, controllable space
    • Hardware combines with haptics in a system that can be used on any PC or laptop to deliver a “feel real” experience
    • Minimal investment (hardware investment of as little as $6,000, plus ongoing license fee)
    • User performance is assessed and measured, with real-time feedback on instrument use, procedural accuracy and patient impact
    • Custom simulations can be tailored for device companies and providers to deliver specific knowledge transfer and procedural learning
  • Launched first procedure modules including spinal pedicle screw, total knee and total hip arthroplasty (including posterior); plans to launch a core seven orthopedic “experiences”
  • A strategic alliance with the Mayo Clinic will support co-development of VR simulation and education as products


Honeywell | Booth #6852 | Morris Plains, New Jersey, U.S.

  • Designer of performance materials including ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
  • Developer of Honeywell Spectra® Medical Grade (MG) Fiber
    • Spectra MG is manufactured through a patented gel spinning process that is reportedly the first of its kind
    • Exhibits high resistance to chemicals and superior abrasion and internal fiber-friction characteristics
    • Is 15 times stronger than steel; on a volume basis, three times stronger than polyester and four times stronger than titanium


IntraVu Medical | Booth #6854 | Redwood City, California, U.S.
Sports Medicine

  • Developer of MIDASVu (FDA 510(k)-cleared in 2018 as the MIDAScope), indicated for diagnostic and operative arthroscopic and endoscopic procedures to provide illumination and visualization of interior joint cavities
    • Comprises a miniaturized, sterile, single-use disposable scope that connects to the reusable MIDASystem, an integrated LCD display and software that displays images
    • Obviates the need for additional MRI to assess the healing process; can be done via in-office needle stick


Operativ | Booth #6352 | Kirkland, Washington, U.S.
Joint Replacement

  • Offers MIS knee replacement instrumentation systems for outpatient surgery centers
  • Developer of the iKnee Universal Instrument System and iKnee Surgical Technique
    • Can reduce up to 3 trays required in the OR
    • Instruments work with any implant system to make distal femur and proximal tibia cuts and help standardize procedures for OR staff
    • Designed to support minimally invasive approaches; also navigation friendly


Pixee Medical | Booth #6657 | Chavanod, Rhône-Alpes, France
Computer-Assisted Surgery

  • Markets disposable knee and shoulder augmented reality navigation systems
    • Navigation software installed in smart glasses combines with reduced-size MIS instrumentation equipped with markers that can be sterilized in an autoclave
    • Glasses eliminate line-of-sight issues and additional equipment in the O.R.
    • No need for a percutaneous bone-oriented approach or the acquisition of anatomical landmarks with a probe
    • Sizing and ligament balance integrate into the system, with no pre-op imaging
  • Pursuing CE Mark approval and FDA 510(k) clearance; seeks to market products within 2019
  • Company established in 2017, received a French Tech grant in 2018
  • Founder’s industry experience includes roles at EOS imaging, Maetta, oneFIT Medical, ORTHOsoft, Sulzer Orthopedic, Zimmer


Synergy Biomedical | Booth #6356 | Collegeville, Pennsylvania, U.S.

  • Developer of BioSphere bone graft and minimally invasive delivery system
    • Spherical BioSphere particles and a resorbable, phospholipid carrier create a bioactive putty with reportedly the highest bioactive glass content on the market
    • This high content provides complete filling of a bone defect with particles that can optimally contact the defect edges, promoting fast healing
    • Typical 45S5 bioactive glass comprises irregular particles with a broad size range; spherical particles with a small and large spheres have been shown to increase the bone formation properties of 45S5
    • Product is FDA 510(k)-cleared and CE Marked; BioSphere FLEX strip format launched in late 2018


Taiwan Main Orthopaedics | Booth #6750 | Taichung City, Taiwan, China
Computer-Assisted Surgery

  • Smart surgical glasses featuring “mixed reality” technology with surgical navigation, allowing the surgeon to “see through the skin” and focus on the operational field, rather than looking at computer screens and monitors
    • Rapid set-up, supports minimally invasive procedures, reduces procedure length and radiation exposure
    • System collects all procedural data for academic use
  • Currently focused on orthopedics; spine and arthroscopy to follow 
  • First-generation FORESEE-X is approved under the CE Mark and FDA 510(k)
  • Second-gen CADUCEUS is in the regulatory process


Tiss’You | Booth #6851 | Domagnano, San Marino

  • R&D, manufacturing and sale of Class III biologics for musculoskeletal and soft tissue regeneration in orthopedic, spine and other surgical applications
  • Developer of LipoCell technology to enhance the biological properties of adipose tissue
    • Atraumatic processing of the tissue limits cell stress, thus not impairing their stimulating and anti-inflammatory characteristics
    • The removal of blood and oil from adipose tissue limits the stress and inflammation of the tissue hosting the graft
  • Also developed the Monocytes system to process blood to treat tendon and focal cartilage injuries
    • Minimal manipulation yields an autologous final product with intact structure and functionality


Julie A. Vetalice is ORTHOWORLD’s Editorial Assistant.