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Year in Review

A First Look at 2010 Results: Zimmer

$4,220MM, +2% (U.S. $2,432MM, +2%; Europe $1,099MM, +1%; Asia Pacific $689MM, +6%)
* Hips $1,262MM, +2% (U.S. +4%, Europe -1%, Asia Pacific +4%)
* Knees $1,790MM, +1% (U.S. +1%, Europe flat, Asia Pacific +4%)
* Extremities $150MM, +10%
* Dental $219MM, +8%
* Trauma $246MM, +3%
* Spine $234MM, -7%
* Orthopaedic Surgical Products/Other $319MM, +11%

* Demographic trends will expand patient base seeking treatments in developed markets; a number of emerging markets will significantly increase this base
* Completed acquisitions of Sodem Diffusion and Beijing Montagne Medical Device (See BARE BONES, 1/10.); latter especially represents a “big, big market” going forward
* In 4Q, noted some stabilization of procedure volumes
* For full-year 2010, experienced price decrease of -1% (Americas -1.2%, Europe +0.6%, Asia Pacific -3.4%); does not anticipate accelerated pricing erosion
* Expecting to take market share in hips and trauma; claims good position with new knee instrumentation to close gaps there
* Implementing restructuring and transformation initiatives (including staff reductions, reduction of management layers, centralization of global sourcing)

* For 4Q, hips reflected volume and mix +5.6%, price -2% (does not see price pressure growing)
* Continuum Acetabular Cup posted substantial sales growth in 4Q
* Circumstances with respect to metal-on-metal will benefit hip growth, moving forward
* Secured premium reimbursement for Trabecular Metal Modular Cup in Japan
* For 4Q, knees reflected volume and mix of +2.3%, price -2%
* Continuing to ramp up launch of personalized knee
* Starting to see traction in Posterior Referencing Instruments
* Trabecular Metal Reverse Shoulder and Trabecular Metal Glenoid supported 4Q growth

Trauma and Spine
* Zimmer Natural Nail products proving to “be real door openers” for global sales
* Spine challenged by U.S. market pressures/reimbursement, decreased revenues for Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization System
*Planning 2011 launch of PathFinder NXT Percutaneous MIS Pedicle Screw
* Seeking to return spine to positive space and market growth levels in 2011