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Year in Review

A First Look at 2010 Results: Smith & Nephew

$3,050MM, +3% (Note: Excludes wound management)
* Orthopaedics $2,195MM, +2% (U.S. +2%, Europe +1%, Rest of World +4%)
* Hips flat
* Knees +5%
* Trauma +3%
* Clinical Therapies -5%

Endoscopy $855MM, +7% (U.S. +1%, Europe +7%, Rest of World +17%)
* Visualization -9%
* Arthroscopy +9% (Repair +11%, Resection +6%)

*Noted increased impact of austerity measures in Europe
* Like for like 4Q pricing trends in recon and trauma similar to 3Q, continuing benefit from mix broadly offset the small price reduction
* Emerging markets continue to boost performance

* Strong momentum in 2H10, with significant volume growth in knees and traditional hips
* Birmingham Hip (BHR) volumes still low, represent ~15% of global hip sales
* BHR sales are strong in larger, more specialized high-volume hospitals
* Australian registry data supported benefits of using VERILAST bearing surface in hips
* Knees driven by VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Instrumentation and FDA clearance of 30-year wear claim for VERILAST technology
* VISIONAIRE used in >10,000 procedures to date
* Positive response to direct-to-consumer (DTC) knee campaign
* Opened factory in Beijing

Trauma and Clinical Therapies
* Strong contribution in trauma from emerging markets and Japan
* SURESHOT Distal Targeting System adding demonstrable benefit to nail sales (particularly TRIGEN META-NAIL tibial system)
* EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System achieved double-digit growth
* Joint fluid therapies performing well despite increased competition
* For 2011, linking SUPARTZ to DTC campaign for knees

* Visualization = 13% of total endoscopy revenue
* RF resection penetrating competitor accounts
* Fast track product development yielded 6 new platforms, including TWINFIX ULTRA for rotator cuff
* >5,000 surgeons trained, including in China
* Launched learning center network for India
* Will continue to focus on new product development for China and other emerging markets
* U.S. salesforce now 2/3 direct