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Year in Review

A First Look at 2010 Results: ConMed

$430.7MM, +4%
* Arthroscopy $288.4MM, +5%
* Powered Surgical Instruments $142.3MM, -3%

* Expects single-use arthroscopy business will continue to lead growth as economy continues to improve
* Not losing market share in surgical video imaging, in which customers are replacing equipment vs. upgrading
* Maintaining market position in powered instruments
* Received FDA 510(k) clearance for Sequent hybrid knee arthroscopy device, uses sutures + PEEK implant material to repair meniscal tears
* Sequent and Shoulder Restoration System will continue to drive arthroscopy growth
* Working to structure U.S. sales more like ex-U.S.: dividing U.S. into territories similar to size of European counties
* Orthopaedic salesforce stands at 260 reps