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Year in Review

A Final Look at 2010 Results: Corin

£44.8MM (~US $73.3MM), +6%
* Hips $32.1MM, +1% (non-Metal-on-Metal [MoM] +21%)
* Knees $15.3MM, -13%
* Other $25.8MM, +32%

* 2H10 non-MoM hips +28% (vs. +15% in 1H10)
* MoM ~10% of sales in 2010 (~40% in 2008)
* MiniHip gaining significant interest in U.S., U.K., Australia
* Achieved CE Mark approval for ECIMA
advanced highly crosslinked polyethylene liner, commenced evaluation surgeries using ECIMA plus Trinity cup
* Rolling out number of enhancements to hip portfolio, including extensions to Trinity, more liner/shell options, additional cementless hip stem
* In Japan, expecting to launch CTi2 hip during 2011
* Upgrading Taperfit hip stem with complete offering of sizes to launch in 2011
* Will not launch Trinity cup in U.S. until other options in cup system are cleared, expected in 2Q11
* In 3/11, entered into agreement to supply hip implants (initially MetaFix and Trinity) to MAKO Surgical for use with RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic system

* Decline in mature systems noted specifically in Germany, Turkey
* Will commence Unity total knee system evaluation surgeries in 2011, launch in 2012
* Will add metal-backed fixed tibia option to Uniglide in 2011

* Increasing interest for use of LARS ligament augmentation system for ligament/tendon
injuries throughout the body
* Zenith Ankle contributed strong growth in U.K.