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Biomet Fiscal 2Q12 Results

At press time, only Biomet has reported its next round of quarterly financials. The company’s year-over-year growth appears in Exhibit 2, and performance highlights follow.   Exhib...

Final 3Q11 Results: TiGenix

TIGENIX €0.6MM (~US $0.8MM) • ChondroCelect ~$0.4MM • >40% of ChondroCelect sales generated in Belgium • 5-year follow-up data from multi-center study ...

Final 3Q11 Results: Medtronic

MEDTRONIC (for 2Q12, ended 10/28/11) $839MM, -3% (U.S. $599MM, -7%; ex-U.S. $240MM, +8%) • Core Spinal $631MM, -3% (U.S. $414MM, -7%; ex-U.S. $217, +6%; Hardware -1%, Balloon kyphopla...

Final 3Q11 Results: Bacterin

BACTERIN $4.0MM, +198% • OsteoSponge 50%-60% of revenue • Received $0.24MM U.S. grant for antimicrobial orthopaedic surgical fixation devices • Signed 4 new pr...

Final 3Q11 Results: China Kanghui

CHINA KANGHUI RMB 80.7MM (~US $12.7MM), +27% (Proprietary products: domestic $0.82MM, +37%, international $0.12MM, -14%) • Trauma ~$7.6MM, +23% • Spine ~$4MM, +34% &bull...

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