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Quarterly Review

4Q13/2013 Revenue: SpineGuard

2013 revenue: €4.6MM (~US $6.4MM), +20%

  • Sold 6,308 PediGuard units, up from 5,225 in 2012 (U.S. 3,142; Europe 1,341; Latin America 973; Middle East 616; Asia Pacific 236)
  • Commenced limited pre-launch of Classic and Curved PediGuard XS
  • Commenced sales in Chile, Ecuador, Japan, Kuwait, Russia, Turkey
  • Changed distributors in Australia, Columbia, Spain
  • Developing Directional Cannulated PediGuard, prototypes of Spine SmartScrew


Regulatory highlights:

  • FDA 510(k) clearance for new XS Classic, XS Curved PediGuard
  • Japan approval for Classic and Curved PediGuard (including XS)
  • Mexico registration for Cannulated, Curved and XS Curved range
  • Russia approval for entire PediGuard line