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Quarterly Review

4Q13/2013 Revenue: IMPLANET

(2013 revenue only)

€6.6MM (~US $9.1MM), +4% (Ex-France ~$3.1MM)

  • Hips ~$2.4MM, +3%
  • Knee Arthroscopy ~$5.5MM, -6%
  • Spine ~$1.1MM, +153.4% (JAZZ Implant ~$0.8MM, +366%; Other Spine ~$0.3MM, +14%)


  • 1,953 JAZZ (screwless implant for vertebral fusion) units sold
  • Delivery delays from a subcontractor in arthroscopy resulted in ~$945,000 in revenue postponed to 2014
  • Gradually abandoning hips, changing knees from direct to indirect sales
  • Signed an exclusive distribution agreement covering Germany