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Quarterly Review

3Q14 Revenue: Wright Medical

$71.3MM, +24% (U.S. $51.2MM, +19%; ex-U.S. $20.0MM, +36%)

  • Foot/Ankle $45.6MM, +29% (U.S. +28%, ex-U.S. +33%; INFINITY Ankle +25%)
  • Upper Extremity $6.3MM, +7%
  • Biologics $17.0MM, +12%
  • Other $2.2MM, +78%


  • Growth affected by softer than expected core U.S. foot/ankle sales (excluding total ankle) and certain ex-U.S. geographies with significant backorders in biologics (steps taken to address both; improvement evident in 4Q)
  • Trained >200 U.S. physicians on INFINITY; “Physicians who do cases right after training adopt, and physicians who do multiple cases close to their training convert”