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Quarterly Review

3Q14 Revenue: Smith & Nephew

Advanced Surgical Devices $816MM, +4% (U.S. +5%, Emerging & International +21%, Other Established Markets -2%) (Geographic growth includes Other ASD)

Excluding Other ASD, $770MM, +13%

  • Hips $152MM, +1% (U.S. +6%, ex-U.S. -2%)
  • Knees $198MM, +1% (U.S. +3%, ex-U.S. -2%)
  • Sports Medicine Joint Repair $152MM, +11%
  • Arthroscopic Enabling Technologies (AET) $144MM, +3%
  • Trauma $124MM, +8%
  • Other ASD $46MM, +6%


  • Price pressure about -3% to -4%
  • Strongest U.S. hip growth in >4 years, supported by demand for VERILAST products
  • U.S. knees buoyed by JOURNEY II and REDAPT Revision, with Europe adversely impacted by packaging issue with RT-PLUS knee (now addressed)
  • Syncera initiative “making good progress”
  • Entered into agreement with Blue Belt Technologies to use Navio orthopaedic robotic surgical navigation with JOURNEY Uni
  • SportsMed and Trauma supported by product launches, investment in U.S. salesforce
  • ArthroCare Coblation portfolio now included in AET sales
  • Bioventus acquired OsteoAMP from Advanced Biologics; product used to promote bone growth and healing following spine surgery