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Quarterly Review

3Q14 Revenue: NuVasive

$189.9MM, +12% (ex-U.S. +45%)

  • U.S. Lumbar +8%
  • U.S. Biologics +13%
  • U.S. Cervical -2%
  • U.S. IOM Service +14%


  • Price pressure less than -2%, consistent with previous quarters
  • Momentum drivers: Precept, ALIF ACR, MAS PLIF, Osteocel Pro trialing; case volume growth supported IOM
  • Precept and Armada growing at “an aggressive clip”
  • Osteocel Pro at ~70% penetration of own cases
  • “Pretty disappointed” in performance of PCM, not seeing uptake in 1-level applications (the market is more interested in 2-level)