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Quarterly Review

3Q14 Revenue: LDR

$35.9MM, +32% (U.S. $28.1MM, +40%; ex-U.S. $7.8MM, +10%)

Traditional Fusion $3.8MM, -17%

Exclusive Technology $32.1MM, +42%

  • Exclusive Cervical $22.8MM, +62%
  • Exclusive Lumbar $9.3MM, +8%


  • Growth led by Mobi-C, ROI-C cervical cage, Avenue L lateral lumbar fusion interbody device
  • VerteBRIDGE fusion growth supported by cross-selling to surgeons using Mobi-C
  • Mobi-C taking market share from fusion, and from non-fusion competitors
  • Presenting 5-year data from PMA trial of Mobi-C vs. fusion at NASS
  • Notes that Category I CPT code for physician payment for 2-level cervical disc arthroplasty is effective 1/15
  • Surgeon coverage of U.S. market at ~50%