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Quarterly Review

3Q14 Revenue: Biomet

For quarter ended 8/31/14

$774.8MM, +5.6% (U.S. $495.1MM, +5.4%; Europe $161.3MM, +3.2%; International $118.4MM, +10%)

  • Hips $155.3MM, +3.6% (U.S. +3%)
  • Knees $234.7MM, +3.8%
  • Sports Med/Extremities/Trauma $154.5MM, +3.0% (U.S. +1%)
  • Spine, Bone Healing & Microfixation $122.8MM, +20.8% (U.S. +21%)
  • Dental $53.7MM, -1.1%
  • Cement, Biologics & Other $53.8MM, +4.4% (U.S. +3%)


For 9 months ended 8/31/14:

$2,411.8MM, +5.4%

  • Hips $487.1, +3.3%
  • Knees $741.3MM, +5.9%
  • Sports Med/Extremities/Trauma $492.2MM, +4.7%
  • Spine, Bone Healing & Microfixation $363.0MM, 21.4%
  • Dental $188.4MM, +0.8%
  • Cement, Biologics & Other $169.8MM, +5.4%



  • Hips driven by Taperloc complete hip, G7 multi-bearing acetabular, Arcos Modular Femoral Revision
  • Taperloc Microplasty version grew faster than traditional version in quarter
  • Launch updates: Limited G7 bispherical acetabular cup in Europe (full launch late October); global launch of Sirius Cemented Femoral Hip Stem
  • Completed 1st limited commercial evaluation case of Sirius stem in connection with One Patient Solutions delivery model: following a pre-op patient-specific surgical plan, hospital receives a procedure kit with appropriately-sized Sirius stem, size-specific single-use instruments, bone cement, accessories
  • Knee growth supported by strong Oxford partial knee; >300 healthcare professionals trained in quarter
  • >150 surgeons completed training for Vanguard XP bicruciate preserving knee; >1,100 systems implanted to date in 8 countries
  • Regulatory updates: FDA clearance for Signature guides with Vanguard XP, Vanguard 360 OSSEOTITE tibial sleeve augments (made with additive manufacturing technique)
  • Notes that Europe knee growth ranged 6% to 10% in last 3 quarters


Sports Med/Extremities/Trauma

  • Growth driven by increased demand for JuggerKnot/JuggerKnotless products, strong demand for Signature patient-specific glenoid guides
  • Marked implant of 1,000 knotless devices
  • Double-digit growth in extremities (27 consecutive quarters), powered by reverse anatomic and fracture components of Comprehensive Shoulder
  • Commenced limited U.S. launch of Comprehensive Convertible Glenoid, Comprehensive PPS Fracture Stem
  • >800 patient-specific glenoid guides shipped globally since launch
  • Completed launch of DVR ePAK trauma system, A.L.P.S. minimally invasive and mesh calcaneal plates
  • Received FDA clearance for new cannulated screw with reduced head profile, new instrumentation; JuggerLock system


Spine, Bone Healing & Microfixation

  • Still realizing cross-selling synergies in spine
  • Spine growth driven by Polaris Deformity and Timberline Lateral Fusion systems, Cellentra Viable Cell Bone Matrix


Cement, Biologics & Other

  • Primary growth drivers: CERAMENT injectable BVF, BioCUE blood/bone marrow aspirate system
  • Limited EMEA launch of Optipac prefilled cement mixing system received significant interest/positive feedback