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Quarterly Review

3Q14 Revenue: Amedica

$6.0MM, +13%

  • Silicon Nitride Products $2.8MM, +57%


  • Growth supported by Valeo interbody spinal devices, next-gen transforaminal lumbar device (latter launched late 3Q)
  • Announced 1st private-label agreement, with Spinal Kinetics: multi-year, non-exclusive
  • Added 22 new surgeon customers (43 total YTD)
  • On track to finalize 1-year follow-up results from Europe CASCADE clinical trial in 4Q (randomized blinded study of silicon nitride cervical spacers w/no bone graft to PEEK spacers w/autograft), complete enrollment in SNAP trial (1st-gen lumbar silicon nitride vs. PEEK devices), commence enrollment in expanded JAX trial (U.S. randomized prospective trial of 2nd-gen silicon nitride cervical interbody fusion devices to PEEK and to allograft bone)