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Quarterly Review

3Q13 Revenue: LDR

$27.2MM, +30% (U.S. $20.1MM, +30%; ex-U.S. $7.1MM, +30%)

  • Traditional Fusion $4.3MM, +2%
  • Exclusive Technologies $22.9MM, +37%
    • Exclusive Lumbar +57%
    • Exclusive Cervical +27%


  • Lumbar product growth partially attributed to FDA clearance of Avenue L lateral lumbar interbody fusion device
  • International growth not focused on one particular area, but spread across all geographies
  • >17,000 implantations of Mobi-C ex-U.S. to date, >30,000 implantations of VerteBRIDGE fusion device since 2007
  • >55 U.S. sales managers and >150 independent agencies in place
  • Priority #1: invest in U.S. infrastructure, product launch