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Quarterly Review

3Q13 Revenue: Globus Medical

$107.2MM, +13% (U.S. $98.1MM, +13%; ex-U.S. $9.1MM, +19%)

  • Disruptive Technology $45MM, +21%
  • Innovative Fusion $63MM, +8%


  • Pricing pressure remains in low to middle single digits
  • Payor pushback seems to have bottomed out
  • Launched CREO next-generation pedicle screw to support intra-op versatility in the OR
  • Received FDA 510(k) clearance to market KINEX osteo-stimulative synthetic biomaterial (collagen + hyaluronic acid + Bioglass) with reportedly highest Bioglass content on the market; slated for 4Q launch
  • Recruiting U.S. sales reps at an “unprecedented pace”