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Quarterly Review

2Q14 Revenue: Zimmer

$1,183MM, +1% (Americas $640MM, -3%; Europe $335MM, +5%; Asia Pacific $208MM, +7%)

Reconstructive $890MM, +2% (Americas $473MM, flat; Europe $260MM, +5%; Asia Pacific $157MM, +7%)

  • Hips $341MM, flat (Americas $153MM, -2%; Europe $117MM, -1%; Asia Pacific $71MM, +8%)
  • Knees $498MM, +3% (Americas $282MM, flat; Europe $133MM, +9%; Asia Pacific $83MM, +5%)
  • Extremities $51MM, +5% (Europe +18%, Asia Pacific +19%)

Dental $61MM, -1%

Trauma $79MM, +6% (Americas -4%, Europe +15%, Asia Pacific +18%)

Spine $52MM, -4%

Surgical/Other $101MM, -10%


  • Pricing -2.8%, in line with expectations; hips positive volume/mix 3.4%, price -3%; knees positive volume/mix 7.3%, price -3.8%
  • Hip sales led in Asia Pacific by M/L Taper Hip, Continuum Acetabular System, BIOLOX Delta ceramic heads
  • Strong knee sales supported in EMEA by new introductions of Persona
  • Trabecular Metal Reverse Shoulder continues to record robust sales, though Extremities affected by trialing of competitive products
  • Ex-U.S. trauma growth led by Natural Nail, NCB Periprosthetic Plating, XtraFix exfix system
  • Launched Optio-C Anterior Cervical and Virage OCT Spinal Fixation systems