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Quarterly Review

2Q14 Revenue: Smith & Nephew

Advanced Surgical Devices $810MM, +4% (U.S. +4%, Emerging & International +19%, Other Established Markets flat) (Includes Other ASD)

  • Hips $167MM, +3% (U.S. +3%, ex-U.S. +2%)
  • Knees $221MM, +2% (U.S. +4%, ex-U.S. +1%)
  • Sports Medicine Joint Repair $141MM, +9%
  • Arthroscopic Enabling Technologies $121MM, -1%
  • Trauma/Extremities $129MM, +7%


  • 85% of growth in Emerging Markets attributed to recon
  • Completed ArthroCare acquisition, contributed $31MM in sales during 1st month
  • Hip sales buoyed by VERILAST 30-year wear marketing initiatives, new REDAPT revision portfolio
  • Worldwide sales of BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing are stable
  • Received FDA approval to commence clinical trials on OXINIUM-on-OXINIUM hip implants
  • Knee growth supported by strong demand for JOURNEY II total knee
  • Added Blue Belt Navio robotic surgical navigation to JOURNEY Uni partial
  • Partnered with OrthoSensor to offer VERASENSE soft tissue balancing sensor in the knee
  • Introduced DYONICS PULSE Wireless Image Solution for management of surgical procedure data in Arthroscopic Enabling Technologies
  • Secured “major tender win” in trauma in Middle East
  • Launched HAT-TRICK Lesser Toe repair


Launched Syncera business unit in the U.S.; does not replace the sales rep model completely, but presents an alternative to secure new accounts (will not cannibalize current sales)

  • Will offer clinically-proven primary hip and knee products (SYNERGY stem + REFLECTION cup, GENESIS II knee), should suit >80% of procedures and represent at least 5% to 10% of U.S. market
  • Includes cutting-edge technology to streamline supply chain/logistics, automatic replenishment of products
  • Includes technical support in the OR (training + technology vs. a rep)
  • Healthcare provider will enter into a multi-year contract to purchase the instrument set and own the implant inventory, allowing implant to be offered at substantial discount to U.S. average price (which is now $5,500)