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Quarterly Review

2Q14 Revenue: NuVasive

$190.7MM, +15% (U.S. $167.0MM, +10%; ex-U.S. $23.6MM, +56%)

  • Spine Surgery $147.3MM, +14%
  • Biologics $32.8MM, +18%
  • Monitoring Service $10.5MM, +15%


  • U.S. growth: Lumbar +10%, Biologics +18%, Cervical -1%, Monitoring +15%
  • Claims #3 position/8% share of global spine market, 3% share ex-U.S.
  • Cervical sales affected by slow ramp-up of PCM (sales relatively flat), instrument set availability issues, late plating product launch (latter set for later this year)
  • Estimates that MIS and less-disruptive procedures will represent ~30% of global market in 2014 (growing to 80% within ten years)
  • Pricing stable in the -1.5%/-2% range