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Quarterly Review

2Q13 Revenue: NuVasive

$165.7MM, +7%

  • U.S. lumbar +7%
  • U.S. biologics +1%
  • U.S. cervical +24%
  • U.S. monitoring services -10%
  • International (Puerto Rico and biologics) +18%
  • Ex-U.S. revenue +30% year-to-date


  • Estimates that minimally invasive solutions ~25% of spine market, was 20% only few years ago
  • Impulse Monitoring contracts with ~290 hospitals, +20% vs. last year
  • NASS showcase will include Bendini for patient-specific rod customization; Decade lateral plate for single-position lateral surgery
  • Expecting 100 patients in Japan treated with XLIF by end of 3Q
  • Received subpoena from OIG for information relating to investigation of potential improper claims submitted to Medicare and Medicaid: focused on Interbody, CoRoent, OsteoCel, FormaGraft, etc. (not monitoring)
  • As NeuroVision and XLIF increase penetration in monitoring cases, average case time and corresponding billable hours for that time are decreasing