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Quarterly Review

2Q13 Revenue: Exactech

$60.6MM, +11% (U.S. $39.9MM, +13%; ex-U.S. $20.7MM, +7%)

  • Hips $10.6MM, +3%
  • Knees $21MM, flat
  • Biologics and Spine $6.8MM, +15%
  • Extremities $16.3MM, +36%
  • Other $5.9MM, -2%


  • Other comprises cement, non-Exactech products sold ex-U.S. and instrument sets sold to distributors
  • Launched computer-assisted GPS system (Guided, Personalized Surgery) for use with Optetrak Logic knee
  • Equinoxe shoulder continues robust performance
  • Shoulder growth likely arising from new customers
  • Spine growth supported by new products
  • Claiming 14% of U.S. shoulder market share
  • Low-single-digit growth in Latin America, double-digit growth in Asia (does not sell shoulders in latter region, just hip and knee)
  • Knees represent largest percentage of revenues in Spanish market
  • Pilot phase of design for total ankle should be underway in early 2014
  • Excise tax spend ~$400,000 in quarter