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Quarterly Review

2Q14 Revenue: Globus Medical

$113.6MM, +6% (U.S. $101.6MM, +4%; ex-U.S. $11.9MM, +34%)

  • Innovative Fusion $65.8MM, +5%
  • Disruptive Technology $47.7MM, +8%


  • Low U.S. sales growth attributed to nonrenewal of contract with significant U.S. distributor, increased pricing pressure from low- to mid-single-digits
  • Strong ex-U.S. growth achieved through penetration of existing markets
  • Procedure volumes still under those of 4Q13
  • Launched 5 new products (10 YTD), including CREO Threaded for controlled gradual correction of complex deformity; Direct Look lateral retractor instrumentation system/technique for visualization of psoas muscle/neural structures